10 Life-Saving Hacks for Packing Your Holiday Suitcase

Packing suitcase for your holiday vacation is a pretty hectic task, yet something you cannot ignore. There are a lot of things you want to pack but you fear over-stuffing it.

Worry not; there are some pretty easy hacks you can consider when preparing your suitcase for a vacation. Let’s take a look at those hacks.

Don’t Pack in a Large Umbrella

If you have a large umbrella and you are planning to pack it for your vacation, then don’t! First of all, you can’t pack an umbrella and expect to have enough room for more items. Instead, it is recommended to take a raincoat, more specifically a disposable one or get any of the following travel umbrellas.

Always check out the weather forecast of the place you are planning to travel to. If the system forecasts rain during your vacation period, pack in disposable raincoats so you can throw it after using it.

Use Bags with Hangers for Special Suits

If you are taking valuable suits with you such as tuxedos or business suits, it is best to avoid packing them in the suitcase. Instead, use a holdall bag or a special bag for suits that come with hangers to hang it in your train compartment.

Never Pack Unnecessary Items for Travel

It is a fact that we feel an unnecessary urge of packing everything that comes to our mind, such as extra pair of hangers, smartphone or tablet cases, tripods, etc. Unless you really need such items, it is advisable to avoid packing them. Extra things take more space in your bag and hence may leave no room for the necessary stuff for travelling. In fact, there are many items you can leave at home and buy from the place you are traveling to.

Buy Small Size Cosmetics or Other Items

If you carry large size cosmetic items, you will lose space in your bag for other important things. Secondly, if the item is in glass bottle, there is a high chance it might break and end up ruining the rest of things in your bag. Instead, buy travel-friendly items for your cosmetic needs.

Roll Clothes Instead of Stacking Them Flat

We tend to believe that by stacking clothes flat on each other would save us extra space in the bag. Wrong! Stacking items flats on top of each other takes more room than necessary. The best way to dig extra space and pack things more smartly is by rolling the clothes or any other apparel.

Always Fill the Empty Spaces in the Suitcase

We often leave empty spaces in our bags or suitcases for keepsakes that we plan to bring from places we plan to visit. On the contrary, leaving empty spaces in the bag can result in disarranged items or clothes with creases. Instead, fill up those spaces with either other small, disposable items or simply with papers.

Store Bulky Items in Vacuum Bags

If you are packing large items like large size towels or jackets, use vacuum bags. These bags allow you to save more space. Plus, you can use them on your return for laundry items.

Pack Items in an Organized Manner

Start with spreading out large clothes like pants in the bottom of the suitcase. Don’t worry about the part of the clothes going out of the bag, because it will be used as a wrapping for the items that would go into the bag. Now, place the rolled clothes side by side. Place the shoes in the corner of the bag. Finally, introduce cosmetic or other travel-friendly items to the bag. Plus, you can use small items such as jewelry inside the shoes for saving more space.

Pack Breakable Items in Shoes

If you are carrying a breakable glass items with you such as a perfume bottle or any other item, first wrap it up in a socks. Secondly, place the item inside the shoe. With this method, you will be able take important breakable items safely to anywhere you go.

Make Bottles Spill Proof

If you are planning to take shower gels or any other types of items that may end up spilling and ruining your luggage, ensure you make them spill proof before packing. Place a plastic cover on the opening of the item and readjust the lid. This way you will be able to carry such items without worrying about any spills.

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