20 Must-Read bits of Advice before You Go on a Trip

If you’re fond of traveling frequently or even if it’s your first time, here are 20 useful pieces of advice before going on a journey.

Embarking on a journey is exciting as it’s filled with adventure and surprises. While uncertainty keeps us going, we don’t want to end up in a situation that might ruin the spirit of our trip. It’s no doubt that when going on a journey, we all want everything to be perfect while making the most of our time, money, and energy.

To help you out, I have packed some useful advises that can significantly facilitate any trip and help you get rid of many unnecessary worries.

Sage Protects Against Mosquitos

Mosquitos can be found everywhere, especially in places with a lot of trees and water. For those who enjoy hiking, simply throw bundled sage leaves into the fire and rest assured that the mosquitoes will stay clear of you for a long period of time. 

Bay Leaves to Avoid Motion Sickness

Whether you’re traveling in a car, train or a plane and you feel sick, just be sure to carry a bay leaf along with you. To relieve yourself from sickness, all you need to do is put the leaf under your tongue and it will do its magic. P.S: don’t worry about the taste as it’s actually pretty decent and will remind you of chewing gum.

Container for Storing Lenses and Cream

Storing your lenses can be an issue if you don’t have a proper storage compartment. Also, majority of us carry cream for personal hygiene and safely storing it in our pockets can be a challenge. This is where a container comes in handy and makes it easier for you to store your lenses, and enough cream for several days without worrying about it leaking. You can also store toothpaste and use it on the go.

Pillbox to Store Pills and Jewelry 

Pillboxes are renowned for being the best containers to store small items. They can store pills, jewelry and other small items that can easily get lost in pockets or fall out of bags. It occupies minimum space and things can be neatly organized.

Tic Tac Box for Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are quite useful as they can be used for multiple purposes. Store bobby pins and hair clips in a convenient Tic Tac box while you’re traveling so that you don’t lose them.

Roll up Your Clothes to Avoid Creasing in a Suitcase

Creased clothes look untidy and it can be hectic finding an iron to straighten them up. To prevent your clothes from becoming wrinkled in a suitcase, consider rolling up your clothes instead of folding them. Tie a rubber band to prevent them from unrolling.

Secure Your Key in the Floor

Your key is a gateway to all things personal. Hiding your key is very important but remembering where you hid it is equally important. You can hide it by putting it under your doormat or on the door head. You could also place it in a pill box, stick a stone to its lid, dig a small hole in a flowerbed and put the pill box inside.

Carry a Portable Radio 

Having a backup communication device can go a long way on your trip. If you travel mostly by a car, you can buy a special radio to communicate with the truckers. Getting stuck in a difficult situation and not having a backup communication device can prove to be detrimental. By calling out to other truckers, you can be sure that they’ll help you in a difficult situation.

Copies of Your Passport

Having a physical copy of your legal documents is crucial in the event that your original passport or identity card gets stolen. The copy will help you prove your citizenship.

Get a Local Guide Book

A local guide will include maps, key words in the local language, and give you diverse information on local happenings and possibly a discount. Additionally, you can download apps of the country you’re traveling to and get insights beforehand.

Visit a Doctor and Consult Your Insurance Agency

A weather change can be good but at the same time it might not suit you. To be on the safe side, make sure that you have all the proper vaccinations and renewed essential prescriptions. Also, enquire whether your medical insurance provider covers you for emergencies overseas.

Follow the Trucks for Food

Feeling hungry and up for a snack on the road? No problem, just choose a place with a lot of trucks next to it. The truckers usually dine in one place they know, and you can trust their experience.

Take Pictures as Evidence

Traveling is all about meeting new people and getting to know about their culture and activities. If you do decide to hitchhike or go beaching, make sure to remember that safety comes first. If you’re hanging out or traveling with a strange, you should offer to take a photo together, and then share it with your closed ones so that they know who you’re with. 

Fragile stickers

Items that are fragile need extra care and those labeled as fragile are taken seriously. The airport staff transports the luggage labeled as fragile with additional care and also unloads them first. If you don’t have the stickers on you, you can always ask for a sticker at the reception desk since they keep it.

Manage Your Cash Flow

It’s always recommended to have your finances in balance before you depart on a journey that will require money. Having that extra backup of cash can improve your standing on many items and relieve you of any stress. Avoid using your credit card or debit cards as they are susceptible to hacking.

Keep a Close Eye on the Weather

By far, the weather is the single factor most likely to affect your trip positively or negatively. Surprisingly, not a lot of people think much about the weather or pay attention to the forecast. Well, of course it is going to be warm in Thailand during the summers, but Mother Nature is unpredictable and weather patterns may take a shift.

A weather forecast will go a long way in helping you make your packing strategy. However, if you forget to check on the weather, it may result in unprepared, unhappy and very soggy travels.

Get Your Electronics Gear Ready

Since electrical outlets differ all over the world, you’ll need to carry a universal adapter that supports your devices to plug into foreign sockets. In this way, you won’t have to worry about carrying numerous plugs as an all-inclusive plug will work out best for you.

Research on the Food

Health is wealth. If the food you’re having is not healthy or not your type, I hate to break it to you, you may have a tough time keeping up with your appetite. Local delicacies are charm of any trip and if they’re not your type then research on alternatives.

Check on Local Activities

The primary purpose of a trip is to enjoy and make the most of it. While relaxing may be your priority, enjoying the local happenings and participating in events is also one thing an individual seeks after a good relaxing period. You should check up on local events and activities to keep yourself engaged and enlightened.

Taxis and other Transport

Check on the procedure and price for getting a taxi. Taxis can turn out to be costly and shady in some countries. For instance in Dubai, taxis are widely known for being an expensive medium for traveling. You might get ripped off at least once, but don’t worry about it – take it as a learning lesson.

While these pieces of advice will go a long way in helping you out on a trip, know that these aren’t the only pointers that need to be considered when traveling. However, these are the most important aspects that will ensure you’re geared up properly for an adventure.

Written by Maria

A Dreamer. Who also loves to write, focuses primarily on technology but also pays attention and has an interest in writing in multiple domains, i.e: travel, entertainment, shopping, & memes.

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