AI Predict Crime Model Was Utter Failure

The police have developed a new innovative AI model to detect the violent crime motive and people have failed miserably. The AI model developed by Police can predict knife and gun violence before it happens and it allows the police to make countermeasures in order to control it. The AI system is named as the Most Serious Violence (MSV) and it is basically the part of National Data Analytic Solution (NDAS) project. Furthermore, the Home Office has provided the £10 million funding for the project to make it a success, but it yields no result afterwards.

NDAS Document states, “A coding error was found in the definition of the training dataset which has rendered the current problem statement of MSV unviable.”

“It has proven unfeasible with data currently available, to identify a point of intervention before a person commits their first MSV offence with a gun or knife, with any degree of precision,” the document added.

A reader in law and criminal justice at the University of Surrey, Melissa Hamilton said, “Rare events are much harder to predict than common events.”

“While we know that risk tools don’t perform the same in different jurisdictions, I’ve never seen that big of a margin of difference – particularly when you talk about the same country,” he added.

Police added, “There is insufficient information around how this model improves the current situation around decision making in preventing serious youth violence,”

“The Committee has expressed these concerns previously on more than one occasion without sufficient clarity being provided, and therefore as the project stands, it advises the project is discontinued,”

SP of Police Nick Dale said, “We cannot say, with certainty, what the final model will look like, if indeed, we are able to create a suitable model. All our work will be scrutinised by the ethics committee and their deliberations will be published.”

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