New Mask guidance offered by CDC: Maryland marked in “danger Zone “

A new guidance has been issued by The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention on the use of face masks: It has been observed that they protect both the wearer and everybody else.

The CDC said that there was epidemiological and experimental data to support that community masking reduced the spread of the virus. An increased community mask use also increases individual benefits.

Previously the CDC encouraged the use of mask to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus form infected people to the others.

New Mask guidance offered by CDC Maryland marked in danger Zone
New Mask guidance offered by CDC Maryland marked in danger Zone

There was a reversal in Philadelphia’s public school system to resume some in-person instruction this month after a reversal in its plan.Maryland would return to 50% capacity for indoor dining at bars and restaurants Wednesday onwards. The Governors of Nevada and Wisconsin on Tuesday requested the public to help in controlling the future outbreaks. Maryland now being demarcated in the danger zone will reimpose instructions beginning Wednesday.

Harry Logan, Maryland Gov. has reimposed the coronavirus restrictions since the state has transited to the danger zone. WBALTV reported a surge in COVID -19 cases.

From this Wednesday, indoor dining and bars and restaurants will return to 50 % capacity. There are strong advisories by the State Government on indoor gatherings of more than 25 people and a check on nonessential travel to states that have a positivity rate of above 10 %. It was also decided that those who travel outside the state must self -quarantine and get themselves tested.

Hogan mentioned his determination to use every tool at their disposal to counter the virus that had entered the state in a big way.

The total number of confirmed case in Maryland is 156,709 and it has recorded 4,084 deaths, as displayed on the COVID -19 dashboard of the state.

Meanwhile a new daily record on Tuesday of 10,865 new coronavirus cases had been set up in Texas, which brings it close to 1 M cases .The state figures reported   974,230 cases from early March ever since the pandemic began.

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