An “extremely dangerous” Category 4 storm – Hurricane Iota expected to hit Central America

The Hurricane Iota is becoming stronger and is likely to convert into a major hurricane as it approaches Central America. It is expected to convert into landfall as a Category 4 “extremely dangerous” storm, this Monday night.

Sources reported that “Iota” has a maximum sustained winds of 140 mph. It is forecasted that it may be a life-threatening storm surge of 10 to 15 feet along with rainfall of 1 to 2 feet, according to an advisory from the National Hurricane Center.

An “extremely dangerous” Category 4 storm - Hurricane Iota expected to hit Central America
An “extremely dangerous” Category 4 storm – Hurricane Iota expected to hit Central America

It is currently located at about 45 miles off the coast of Isla de Providencia Colombia. The movement of the storm is in the westerly direction at a speed of 10 mph. The hard hit areas of Central America may once again be subjected to hurricane  Iota .Peoplehere have already encountered Hurricane Etaand its devastating effects recently and are still recovering .

The coast of Nicaragua has received a hurricane warning from the Honduras/Nicaragua border to Sandy Bay Sirpi it also includes the coast of Honduras from Punta Patuca to the Nicaragua border as informed by a reporter.

The storm is likely to pass near or over Providencia Island on Monday morning which could bring hurricane affected conditions as it takes aim at the Nicaraguan and Honduran coasts as per a forecast..

Members of the Navy are helpingto evacuate people from the Wawa Bar and Karata communitiesto safer areas, ahead of the arrival of Hurricane Iota in Bilwi, Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua on Sunday.

Hurricane observers and tropical storm watchers are sending warning signals which are also in effect for surrounding areas.

Adequate preparations to protect life and property should be rushed at site the advisory said.

It is projected that once the storm makes landfall it may move to westward and southwestward through Central America sources said.

Rainfall in the region are expected to be high and water accumulations and logging are expected throughout, southern Belize, Honduras, Guatemala, northern Nicaragua seeing around eight and sixteen inches of rain and water accumulations of 20-30 inches in and around northeast Nicaragua and northern Honduras, according to report.

Costa Rica and Panama may also see about four to eight inches of rainfall, with totals of 12 inches in some areas.

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