Hate Crimes in the US record a new high in more than a decade

Since the early 1990’s  when the FBI started collecting data, a report released on Monday showed that hate crimes in the US have increased to the maximum level in more a than a decade. The data revealed an alarmingly high number of hate motivated killings.

The report mentioned a total of 51 killings or hate crime murders. This included the killing of 22 people in a Walmart shooting in El Paso, the border city of Texas. This was targeted at Mexicans.

Hate Crimes in the US record a new high in more than a decade
Hate Crimes in the US record a new high in more than a decade

In the August 2019 shooting where 24 people were injured was an attempt made by the suspect to instil fear in the Hispanics to leave the United States. He was charged with Federal and state crimes.

There was an increase from7,120 hate crimes the year before to 7,314 hate crimes recorded last year. It was moving closer to the figure of 2008 which was 7,783.

The definition of hate crime according to the FBI’S annual report are those motivated by biases stemming out of a person’s sexual orientation, race, religion and many other categories.

It is pertinent to note at this juncture that the nation is still crying for justice for Atatiana Jefferson who was fatally shot in her home through her window by Aaron Dean the former Fort Worth police officer. Her family has filed an amended complaint on November 17th in the Northern District of Texas against the city of Fort Worth and Aaron Dean. Dean aged 34 had resigned from the force after being charged with murder and he was later indicted on this charge in December 2019.

The attorney of Atatiana Jefferson has said that there is a culture of brutality. The criminal case attorney of Aaron Dean refused to comment saying they were under a gag order in this particular criminal case.

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