Elon Musk ahead of Bill Gates to emerge as the world’s second richest man

by Sonia Reyes
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Elon Musk’s has climbed up the ranking ladder of the world’s richest men.

The Tesla (TSLA) Inc. co founder’s net worth climbed up on Monday as shares of this electric carmaker recorded  a magnificent jump, boosting his net worth to $127.9 billion, according to the Billionaires index. This Index tracks the world’s 500 wealthiest people on earth.

The status which is released hourly showed that Musk was above Bill for a couple of hours. The co-founder of Microsoft (MSFT) and world’s second-richest person was estimated to be worth $127.7 billion, which was almost a tie.

Musk’s treasures are directly linked to those of Tesla. His biggest asset is the company’s stock, of which he owns about 20%, according to a Report.

This year It has been very good for Musk. Tesla’s stock has jumped up almost 524%, which helped Musk add more than an estimated $100 billion to his wealth. 

                                         Elon Musk ahead of Bill Gates to emerge as the world’s second richest man

Gates would have been an even bigger billionaire had he not invested in his philanthropy. Many years ago, he and his wife, Melinda Gates, pledged to donate most of their wealth to Charity. Currently Amazon CEO “Jeff Bezos” is the world’s richest person, with an estimated net worth of $182 billion.

Other than Tesla, Musk has investments in SpaceX, the space exploration firm that recently started off a space mission with NASA. He is also the chairman of the Musk Foundation, an organization that promotes research into renewable energy, paediatrics and humans in space.

Some believe that there is still a long way to go with his company’s stock. Last week, Tesla was inducted into the S&P 500, creating another milestone.

Tesla stock soared 6.6% on Monday, closing at an all-time high of $521.9 per share.

Musk was himself surprised as anyone else. When a  Twitter user pointed out how the stock moved on Monday, Musk responded with just one word: “Wow.”

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