Biden gives a first indication of nominations and appointments

To be President Joe Biden’s transition teamhas initiated work as they revealed   a liston Monday, of Cabinet nominations and the staff for the White House.

President Donald Trumps aw that his efforts in reversing the election results is not taking any shape, Biden and his team have started moving ahead and started to give Americans a closer look into how he plans to govern the state.

Biden gives a first indication of nominations and appointments
Biden gives a first indication of nominations and appointments

With the current scenario no Democratic Governors are making visit plans to Washington, DC.The Democratic Senators seems to be to be locked in to their current positions for now whether they like it or not.

In the first round of  nominations the expectations are and it also seems to be very clear that Biden is choosing people who are, unquestionably, experts in their fields instead of picking bigger names in his team of Democratic politics.

Some of that is practically true as Biden is picking up loyal lieutenant to lead his mission to revivethe US reputation at the world level.

Democrats won by a thin margin and did not do well on Election Day in many states; hence there is little show down within the party not to risk its hold on power. Some Republican lawmakers exited and special elections followed, which turned into an expensive political war for the Trump administration. This fanned partisan passions, something that Biden, has been trying to restore.

The senior members of Biden’s White House need very little on-the-job-training. The same situation prevails for his nominees to run large bureaucracies, like the State Department and theHomeland Security.Department.

Biden‘s nominees to lead the State Department, will be Antony Blinken, and for the Department of Homeland Security,Alejandro Mayorkas, has been nominated. Both are not new names, and both have extensive experience for the agencies they will work for.

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