21 Behind The Ear Tattoos | Attractively Cute Ideas for 2023

21 Behind The Ear Tattoos | Attractively Cute Ideas for 2023

21 Behind The Ear Tattoos | Attractively Cute Ideas for 2023: Getting a tattoo on a body part is an art and a smart way to grab someone’s attention or to show your inner feelings. And when it comes to printing a tattoo behind the ear, people become even more conscious.

Undoubtedly, behind-the-ear tattoos are equally popular in men and women, but they are frequently printed by female tattoo lovers. It gives a gorgeous and charming look to the person who tattooed it.

Although there are so many ideas to print behind-the-ear tattoos, they are usually tattooed by people who have real courage because it is very hurting to get a print on the thin skin of the ear.

This is one of those tattoos that rely on your will to show off. If you are in the workplace and want to hide the tattoo, you can simply do it by placing your hair on the ear. But when you are at a friend’s gathering sweeping the hair behind the ear can show them off.

You think getting a behind-the-ear tattoo can’t give you the feeling you are looking for; the reality is different. These low-key tattoos are very exciting.

We are going to describe to you some of the outstanding ideas for behind-the-ear tattoos. You can read them in detail to decide for the future.

Let’s hop in toward the next section!

21 Behind The Ear Tattoos | Attractively Cute Ideas for 2023 21 Behind The Ear Tattoos | Attractively Cute Ideas for 2023 21 Behind The Ear Tattoos | Attractively Cute Ideas for 2023 21 Behind The Ear Tattoos | Attractively Cute Ideas for 2023

Types and Ideas of Behind the Ear Tattoos

There are several types of behind-the-ear tattoos. The most popular types are

1. Knot Ear-Ring Tattoo

Knot Ear-Ring Tattoo

Are you getting annoyed with the ever-changing trends of earrings? Here’s a permanent cute solution for you. Knot earring tattoos are the best way to print your skin with a knotted tassel that may look like an earring.

By getting this tattoo, you can confidently attend all types of casual and formal gatherings. They will bring appreciation for your taste. Let’s experience it! Mom Tattoos – 25 Ideas| An Eternal Connection of Love And Strength

2. Black Lightening On the Back of the Ear

Black Lightening On the Back of the Ear

The black lightning tattoo on the back of the ear is a true symbol of power and energy. Because of its black color, people may perceive it negatively, but they show the inner zeal and zest to do something extraordinary.

Here is another misconception about this tattoo that the lightning shows destruction, but this is just a myth. The reality is far behind this.

The tattoo gives a tattooed person the power to do his tasks with more courage as compared to other ordinary peeps.

3. Scorpion Tattoo

Scorpion Tattoo

If your zodiac sign is Scorpio, then it is high time to get a print of the scorpion tattoo behind the ear. People who are born with the Scorpio sign are highly secretive and intense in their decisions. They don’t tell their next move to anyone, even not to their shadow. prScorpio Tattoos ideas with meaning Zodiac Sign

This tattoo is the best representation of such feelings. Getting them printed with red color makes them more captivating.

4. Molecular Flower Tattoo

Molecular Flower Tattoo

This is one of the most unique tattoo ideas. You can ask your friend as well about this tattoo; we bet this is new to him too.

This molecular flower tattoo is made with two joint hexagonal and pentagonal rings with a flower inside them. In chemistry, these two rings join together to make Serotonin. This chemical is known as a “happy chemical.” By printing this tattoo, you will shift into a new life full of happiness and joy. 99 Unique Finger Tattoos ideas

5. Small Dragon Tattoo

Small Dragon Tattoo

Dragons are one of those creatures that are never seen by anyone of this age, but people still believe in their physical existence in the past.

Dragons are the best representation of force and strength to move forward by breaking all the barriers that come their way. Getting this tattoo behind the ear can urge you to do everything possible in your life. Moreover, it also gives strength to make every impossible possible. 99 Most Popular Leg Tattoo Designs for Women

6. Cross Tattoos

Cross Tattoos

A cross tattoo behind the ear is one of those tattoos that are famous for protecting the person who printed their body with it. This minimalistic tattoo has a very deeper meaning that needs to be understood.

Cross tattoos are not new to this age, but they were equally popular in the past. It was frequently printed by the Christian soldiers to show faith in their religion.

Moreover, this is considered a safeguard from deadly evil spirits.

7. Angel Number Tattoos

Angel Number Tattoos

Another very unique addition to the behind-the-ear tattoos is Angel Number Tattoos. These tattoos consist of three same digits, and they range from 000 to 999. Every number has its significance and meaning, and it all depends on your choice of which one you want to print.

People do believe that these tattoos are a source of inspiration for them and they bring good luck for their future. The numbers 333 and 555 are a sign of hope, whereas the number 444 provides protection against ominous powers, and it also refers to passion. 99+ Best Angel Number Tattoo Designs With Meanings

8. Floral Tattoos

Floral Tattoos

Getting a flower tattoo behind the ear is a common practice among most folks who love tattoos. These tattoos are minimalistic tattoos that may contain any kind of flower, for example, lavender, rose, or sunflower.

These are not the black-and-white kind of boring tattoos, but they can be colored with any ink to make them graceful and exciting.

9. Music Note Tattoos

Music Note Tattoos

If you are a musician or a true music lover, then this tattoo is surely for you.

These tattoos are printed with a simple musical note just behind the low part of the ear. This is a forever-demanding tattoo that can never get old. 99+ Best Anime Tattoos for Animation Fans How To Pick A Perfect Design

10. Tiny Tattoos

Tiny Tattoos

These tattoos are often simple designs that are small enough to fit behind the ear, and they can be anything from a little heart or star to a word or symbol. Tiny tattoos are perfect for those who want a discreet, subtle type of tattoo.

11. Nature-inspired Tattoos

Nature-inspired Tattoos

Behind the ear tattoos inspired by nature can include anything from birds, flowers, and leaves. They symbolize a connection to the environment and can be meaningful to those who love the outdoors. 99 Unique Finger Tattoos ideas With Meaning for men and women

12. Animal Tattoos

 Animal Tattoos

Animal tattoos are also popular behind ear tattoos, especially for those who love nature. Common animal tattoos behind the ear include birds, butterflies, and cats. Uncovering the Meaning Behind Trash Polka Tattoo Designs

13. Symbolic Tattoos

Symbolic Tattoos

These tattoos have a special meaning that holds importance to the individual. Examples include the infinity symbol, yin-yang, or even your zodiac sign.  99 Unique Finger Tattoos ideas With Meaning for men and women

14. Word or Quote Tattoos

Word or Quote Tattoos

Words or quotes are a great way to express yourself and can easily be placed behind the ear. They can be a motivational quote or significant word that holds meaning for you.

These types of tattoos are a constant source of power and strength to do something very great in life.

15. Skull Tattoos

Skull Tattoos

If you have a bold personality, getting a skull tattoo can help you shout out with more power. Especially if you are not scared of anything in this world, a skull tattoo can tell your thoughts to everyone without speaking a single word.

16. Moon Tattoos

Moon Tattoos

Another adorable tattoo design to get behind the ear is the moon tattoo. Moon tattoo is a feminine tattoo that is famous for representing so many things, such as fertility, immortality, and motherhood.

If you want to get this tattoo, then there are a couple of options for you, such as a full-moon tattoo, a crescent tattoo, or a half-moon tattoo.

Remember, every design holds a separate meaning, so choose the one that matches your vibes.

17. Angel’s Wings Tattoo

Angel's Wings Tattoo

Angels are considered the messenger of God that passes good news to the beloved peeps of God. They are also a source of protection. So if you want to save yourself from the devil and the evil eyes, then you can print it on your body right behind the ear to keep the angel always closer to you. Top 99 Trash Polka Tattoo Ideas, REBELLION & ART

18. High Heels Tattoo

High Heels Tattoo

If you are a girl and want to keep your standards high, then printing a high heels tattoo will help you to take yourself above. This is a seductive and cute kind of tattoo that is loved by all the cute girls. Unraveling the Secret Language of Leg Sleeve Tattoos

19. Personal Mantra

Personal Mantra

Consider getting a behind-the-ear tattoo of your mantra or a significant quote. It can be a daily reminder to stay positive and motivated.

20. Geometric Tattoos

Geometric Tattoos

These tattoos involve precise lines and shapes and can create a beautiful and intricate design behind the ear.

21. Question Mark Tattoo

Question Mark Tattoo

If you are a person who is not afraid of the typical social norms and knows how to question the traditional dukes, then getting a question mark tattoo will make your personality even more interesting.


Behind the ear, tattoos are versatile and can be customized to suit your personality and style. Whatever the design, it should hold a special meaning to you. It is essential to choose a reputable tattoo artist and decide on a design before getting your behind the ear tattoo. The final result will be a unique and personal expression of your individuality.

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