3 Signs of Roof Damage You Don’t Want to Ignore

3 Signs of Roof Damage You Don’t Want to Ignore

3 Signs of Roof Damage You Don’t Want to Ignore. How do you know if there is damage to the roof of your home?

If left unattended, there can be severe and expensive consequences to the integrity of your home. No matter the type or material of your roof, your investment in your home can be compromised if you ignore the signs of roof damage.

Roof damage comes in many forms, from severe to easy fix. There are signs of roof damage you need to watch out for every day; if you see them, pay attention. Ignoring signs can result in the permanent roof and financial damage. 5 Common Roof Installation Errors to Avoid for Your Business

1. Missing Granules

Missing granules on your shingles are a serious sign of a damaged roof and should not be ignored. This happens when the protective layer of granules has been worn down because of aging, weather, or improper installation.

Without these granules, your roof is much more vulnerable to the elements, which can lead to major damage and more costly repairs in the future. If you’re missing a significant number of granules, it could be a sign that the underlay of the shingle has been weakened, making your roof more vulnerable to water, wind, and other environmental factors.

With quality materials and experienced technicians, the residential roofing services found here can provide you with reliable roof repairs to ensure that your roof is properly taken care of and safeguards your home from further damage.

2. Algae or Moss Growth on Shingles

Algae or moss growth on your shingles is one of the most common signs of roof damage that you should not ignore. On very dark or older shingles, the change is often in streaks and sometimes appears to be purple or green. Most of the time, this staining occurs because microorganisms thrive in moist, warm environments.

If left untended, this can lead to even more significant damage as premature deterioration of the shingles from the asphalt. It’s essential to stop or prevent the growth before it gets too far out of hand. Doing this sooner than later can help you save money on potential replacement costs.

3. Shingles Curling or Buckling

Shingles curling or buckling is one of the surest signs of roof damage you cannot ignore. If you can see the curling or buckling in person, you know your roof needs replacing. In the short term, securing buckling shingles with roofing cement or nails is vital to prevent further water intrusion.

You need to replace your roof in the long run, as the condition will only worsen with time. Neglecting even a tiny patch of buckling shingles can lead to rot, mold, and severe roof damage.

Regular roof maintenance to prevent damage is critical for ensuring your roof lasts many years. Take the time to inspect your roof and address signs of roof distress.

Signs of Roof Damage You Need to Know

It’s essential to pay attention to the signs of roof damage you don’t want to ignore. If you suspect any damage, it’s best to call a professional and get a full roof inspection as soon as possible.

Proper evaluation and maintenance allow your roof to be a reliable part of your home for years. Make sure you call today and get a free estimate!

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