3 Tips for Christmas Decorating in a Rental: Guide for Tenants

3 Tips for Christmas Decorating in a Rental: Guide for Tenants

Tis the season to add festive cheer to your rental space! With Christmas around the corner, it’s no surprise that everyone in the neighborhood is bringing their decorations to decorate the halls with Holly. However, if you’re a tenant, decorating for Christmas may come with some unique considerations, but fear not—this guide is here to make your holiday decor dreams come true.

Are you looking to add holiday cheer to your home without breaking your lease? Stick around as we reveal the top three tips for Christmas decorating in a rental. From budget-friendly ideas to tenant-friendly solutions, let’s show you 3 landlord-approved ways to transform your rental into a winter wonderland.

3 Tips for Christmas Decorating in a Rental

Use Command Hooks for Cheerful Displays

Whether you have a tiny apartment or a cozy house, command hooks are nifty temporary stick-ons for hanging your Christmas decorations. These adhesive hooks are a game-changer for tenants all year round, leaving no permanent marks or stains on the wall. Besides, they’re affordable and come with different weight limits.

In other words, you can securely display anything from your light wreaths and festive stockings to a heavier mantle with string lights and tinsel. So, infuse warmth and joy into your holiday celebrations with these easy-to-attach and removable solutions without risking your security deposit. And delightful decorating tips!

Try Temporary Decals

Elevate your rental’s ambiance with removable wall decals. Temporary decals are a great holiday decorating tip because they’re reusable and come in various designs. Thus, you can opt for Christmas-themed designs to transform plain walls into festive masterpieces. From snowflakes to jolly Santas, these decals adhere easily and peel off without a hitch.

Besides, these self-adhesive wall stickers are affordable, and you can create a mural in every room. Plus, they add a touch of holiday spirit that you can effortlessly remove once the season ends. And you can always pull them out next year to get more value for your money.

Opt for Adaptable Ornaments

3 Tips for Christmas Decorating in a Rental: Guide for Tenants

Make your holidays stress-free by opting for adaptable ornaments. Aim for lightweight, non-damaging decorations you can easily hang on existing fixtures like curtain rods or cabinet handles when shopping. These versatile adornments add a festive touch without needing nails or hooks. They’re also budget-friendly as you don’t have to spend extra on tools like glue because your only bill is the ornament. Besides, you can pack them away when the season concludes, leaving your rental charming.

Establishing Balance between Festive Decorations and Safety

Make Mindful Lighting Choices

While trying to create a festive atmosphere, it’s essential to prioritize safety during the holiday season. Opting for LED lights rather than their luminous counterparts is an excellent way to balance cheerful decorations and maintain a safe environment. This eco-friendly option reduces the risk of fire hazards. Moreover, by adequately illuminating the property, they decrease tripping hazards.

Avoid Cluttered Walkways

While embracing festive charm, keep walkways clear of excessive decorations. Besides ensuring that emergency paths are always transparent, you can continue your lease. Professional Property Management of Northern Virginia knows the importance of a well-written lease and safety during the holidays. Thus, ensuring that emergency exits, pathways, and staircases remain unobstructed to prevent accidents promotes safety and protects your security deposit.

Use Childproof Decorations

If children are present, prioritize childproof decorations. Avoid small, chokeable items and place fragile ornaments out of reach. Remember that Christmas decorations can be enticing to young ones, especially those shaped like candy canes and other treats. So you have to be extra careful when buying and hanging your ornaments.

Put Fire Safety First

Choose flame-resistant or flame-retardant decorations to minimize fire risks. Christmas is the leading holiday for house fires, particularly candle-related ones. Thus, to be safe, keep candles in stable holders, away from flammable materials. Also, remember to double-check smoke detectors and never leave open flames unattended.

Choose Electrical Decor Placement Properly 

Be cautious with the placement of electrical decorations to avoid overloading circuits. As an extension of putting fire safety first, it would be best to use extension cords rated for outdoor use when applicable. Also, keep lines away from high-traffic areas to prevent tripping hazards.


Adding a holiday to your home doesn’t have to be a hassle when you’re a renter. With these top 3 Tips for Christmas Decorating in a Rental, you can make your temporary merry and bright without violating your lease. Investing in command hooks, temporary decals, and adaptable ornaments is an excellent way to enjoy the festivities without permanent damage.

However, remember that safety is the star of the show. Strike a balance between decorating and safety by opting for LED lights, avoiding cluttered hallways, and buying baby-proof decorations. Need more tenant-friendly decorating tips? Ask your landlord or property manager.

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