7 injured in Tel Aviv stabbing and ramming attack; terrorist slain by armed citizen.

7 injured in Tel Aviv stabbing and ramming attack; terrorist slain by armed citizen.

7 injured in Tel Aviv stabbing and ramming attack; terrorist slain by armed citizen. Tuesday afternoon in northern Tel Aviv, a car-ramming and stabbing attack left seven people injured, four of them gravely, according to police and medical personnel.

According to the police, the Palestinian assailant rammed his pickup truck into pedestrians on Pinchas Rosen Street and then wounded others after exiting the vehicle. He was fatally struck by an armed citizen.Eli Levy, a police spokesman, described the incident as a terrorist attack.

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According to the nearby Ichilov and Beilinson hospitals, four of the victims were in severe or moderate-to-serious condition. Three more were described as being in moderate or good-to-moderate condition. Also taken to Ichilov was a patient suffering from severe anxiety.

One of the casualties was a pregnant woman whose hospital condition was deemed to be critical. As the woman underwent surgery, physicians labored to stabilize her condition.

A 30-year-old male was severely injured when he was stabbed in the stomach and rushed to Beilinson hospital for surgery.

Surveillance camera footage captured the instant the terrorist plowed into bus stop pedestrians. Moments later, he was observed erupting from the vehicle and charging and stabbing bystanders.

A second video clip circulating on social media depicted an armed man wearing a motorcycle helmet firing the attacker multiple times with a handgun and then kicking a knife out of his hand.”I parked my motorcycle at the bus stop,” the civilian who shot the attacker told police. As I departed the bus stop, I heard a booming sound. I believed it to be a traffic catastrophe.”

“The terrorist was pursuing me. I shot him, and he collapsed to the ground. My legs were trembling. “I was praying that the bullet would fire, because if it didn’t, I would be dead,” he explained.

The witnesses were shocked by the violence on the peaceful street.”I was behind the building when I heard several gunshots,” Lee, a witness, told Channel 12. “It is a novel region. There are eateries and cafés available. Two meters from the assault is a large preschool.”

A restaurant employee in the vicinity told Channel 12: “We heard a loud explosion.” We believed it to be a traffic catastrophe. Then we heard gunfire and took cover.”

“These are situations that are unexpected. We immediately evacuated the victims, said a member of the Hatzalah emergency services organization. The Shin Bet security agency reported that the terrorist who carried out the attack lacked an Israeli entry visa.

In a statement, the agency identified the assailant as 20-year-old Abed al-Wahab Khalaila from the West Bank town of as-Samu in the South Hebron Hills region.

Earlier Hebrew-language media reports incorrectly identified the assailant as Hussein Khalaila, a 23-year-old relative who had a permit to enter Israel for medical treatment. According to the Shin Bet, Abed al-Wahab Khalaila had no known prior security violations.

The terrorist organization Hamas stated that Khalaila was a member but refrained from asserting responsibility for the attack.The attack occurred during a significant Israeli military operation in the northern West Bank city of Jenin.

Since the beginning of this year, a succession of Palestinian terrorist attacks against Israelis have resulted in the deaths of 24 Israelis. Many of the perpetrators were from Jenin and the surrounding area.

On Monday, a Palestinian teen stabbed and mildly injured an Israeli man in the Tel Aviv suburb of Bnei Brak in what is believed to be another act of terrorism.

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