7 Tips to an Ideal Flight That You Never Knew Before

If you are planning a vacation abroad, you must be all set up to book your flight.

As a traveler or holidaymaker, you would want to make your flight experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Chances are that you may have traveled dozens of times before, and you believe you know a lot about making your flying experience worth every dollar.

Regardless, there are some flight tips that can make your flight more comfortable and enjoyable.

Pick Morning Flight as it is the Best Time to Fly

Everybody fears bumpier flights. Unexpected turbulences not only cause flight discomfort but also develop fear amongst passengers. If you are also concerned about windy flights or turbulence, pick a morning flight.

It is observed that thunderstorms usually occur in the afternoon and get clear during the night. Secondly, the cooler temperature helps make the flight smooth. After all, bumpier flights also occur due to the hot air coming from the ground.

Try Out Special In-flight Meals Instead of Regular Meals

Do you have any in-flight meal preference? Perhaps, you are a vegetarian and want veggies for you meal? Or, seafood..? Whatever your meal preferences are, it is best to go for an in-flight special meals. Many frequent airline passengers report that special meals come in different varieties and, of course, taste.

Always Prefer Juices or Bottled Water over Caffeine

Believe it or not, the regular water in airlines is usually polluted. There are a list of different bacteria or other microscopic organisms in airline water that can make us sick. In fact, experts warn us to not use that water even for brushing our teeth. Therefore, never order tea or coffee when you are flying as these beverages are made with regular water. Instead, order the attendant either bottled water or packed juice.

Beware of a Blow-Up Neck Cushion When You Take It on Flight

Feeling sleepy before a flight? Some passengers take blow-up neck cushions with them for a comfortable sleep during their flight. Usually, those neck cushions are blown up to the full which may ultimately cause a burst due to air pressure change. Therefore, it is recommended that the cushions should be left with a slight deflation when blown.

Use Airline Food Tray & Back Pockets with Caution

Every passenger has a tendency to use the back pockets, usually for putting their stuff such as a book, magazine or a headset. Likewise, passengers also don’t think twice about hygiene when using the folding food tray. Unexpectedly, many flight attendants admit that back pockets and food trays are one of the dirtiest places in airlines. In fact, many attendants have reported watching parents changing their babies’ diapers on the folding tray.

Don’t Wear Light If You Have Booked a Window Seat

If you are not comfortable flying in a cool temperature, never choose a window seat. The temperature outside the airplane can be between −60°С to −65°С. The external cold temperature ultimately drops the temperature of the airline’s fuselage. Ultimately, the area closest to the fuselage (the windows seats) experience the same cold temperature. So, either choose a different seat than the one by the window or wear a bit warm cloths.

We bet that you never knew these tips before. We can also safely say that knowing these tips will allow you to experience a more comfortable flight experience.

Written by Maria

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