8 of the BEST Torrent Search Engines

Torrent Websites seem to be mysteriously elusive – maybe you’ve heard of one from a friend, or simply stumbled upon one and stuck to it. Then arises the frustrating possibility of it being offline when you need it the most, or even ceasing to exist all together! This is where Torrent search engines come into play. What they do is fairly self-explanatory- they allow you to widen your search to include alternatives you would have never found yourself.

We’ve compiled a list of the best Torrent search engines to make sure that you save time that could be well spent downloading something! 

At this point, it is necessary to put in a bit of a disclaimer. We are NOT promoting any kind of illegal filesharing activity. It is not the process of sharing P2P files that lands you in legal trouble – often the files that are shared are copyrighted, which is where the legal boundaries start to blur. The fact remains that copyright infringement in this manner can potentially lead to legal action against individual users, though most of them are class-action cases. 

Given the temporary nature of these websites (a lot of them get removed due to copyright issues) it is imperative to have alternative options – here we’ve listed the most popular ones currently, so you can be up to date.

1 – Zooqle

Does this name sound familiar to any other popular search engines to you? Anyway, Zooqle provides a mechanism for a very particular demographic – those who wish to stream media. The homepage is littered with thumbnails for films, TV shows and music, listing them according to how popular they are. It’s so catered towards this specific thing that if you click on an image, you will be able to read a synopsis of the given media that it represents. If it’s a TV show that your mouse has happened to take interest in, you’ll be presented with a list of episodes and series… handy.

2 –

Let’s take a step away from the ‘simple user interface’ idea for a moment.  For those of you who are more seasoned torrenters, also provides you with access to a ridiculous amount of torrent files from every nook and cranny of the internet. It will particularly please those of you who are fans of categorisation. The bottom of the homepage allows those of you who are so inclined to choose from categories and subcategories, thus allowing you to filter but in a more refined, classy manner. Notoriously good for providing real-time statistics, this search engine is speedy yet gets the job done properly.

3 – Torrentz2

If you want A MASSIVE RANGE OF RESULTS, this torrent engine is the one for you. Indexing an incredible 60 million torrents, this powerful search engine is the newer version of the original, one you may have heard of before: Torrentz.

Its user interface is intelligent, automatically displaying the most popular torrents of the moment. This provides for quite a navigable homepage. Even though it’s a relatively new endeavour, Torrentz2 has quite easily exceeded expectations by overtaking its precursor and even its contemporary opponents.  Easily the most popular Torrent search engine out there, this one takes the number one spot.

4 – Veoble

 If you’re willing to compromise the lack of advertisements in favour of being able to refine your results, Veoble would be the best option. Instead of being inundated with reems of unending results, Veoble allows you to filter your search results in order to get to what you need much faster. Despite the fact that it isn’t as intuitive as XTORX, it has the handy feature of being able to narrow down how old the files are, what language they’re in and how popular they are. If you’re after a specific result, this rare feature can definitely do you wonders. 


Less flashy than the previous search engine, XTORX delivers a much simpler user interface. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this makes it any less efficient however –FUNCTIONALITY, after all, is the main goal. It’s rather intuitive – a search bar which will churn out results that’ll take you to other torrent websites… easy peasy.  The lack of advertisements adds to this sense of ease and simplicity. Classy, one could even call it.

6 – Snowfl

We’re slowly starting to head into slightly uncharted territory – though many people haven’t heard of this particular Torrent Engine before, it certainly packs a punch. Snowfl won’t harass you by bombarding you with incessant advertisements, although one occasionally pops up every now and then.  Once again, this Torrent search engine boasts of quite a simplistic user interface. It utilises another search mechanism, which perhaps is the one most well known by the general public, Google. Snowfl performs a custom search and lists the extensive results accordingly. 

7 – AIO Search

Now it has to be said,  this website has definitely prioritised user friendliness – when you open it’s homepage, you see that they’ve gone to the effort of providing a brief tutorial on how to use it. 10/10 in terms of looking out for the happiness of its users we’d say. What’s more is that the options aren’t just limited to popular media, other things that you could wish to search for are also included; whether they be images or even subtitles.

8 – Torrent Seeker

Torrent Seeker is somewhat of a decent amalgamation of the rest of the Search Engines that we’ve seen above. The homepage is well designed, and it is difficult to get find fault with the types of results that it shows – both from popular torrent websites and ones that are slightly harder to find. If you’re after advanced filter features, however, this probably isn’t the Torrent Search Engine for you.

Make sure you remain safe while torrenting!

It isn’t common knowledge that everyone’s Internet browsing can potentially be seen by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). This implies that these ISPs are fully capable of collecting your personal data and distributing it among third parties. If you are going to be downloading and sharing torrents, this isn’t good news. In order to protect yourself from this invasion of privacy, you must take action to safeguard your data, so that no one is able view it. 

Written by Maria

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