99 Pinky Promise Tattoo ideas | Make your Bonds Unbreakable

99 Pinky Promise Tattoo ideas | Make your Bonds Unbreakable

99 Pinky Promise Tattoo ideas | Make your Bonds Unbreakable: We all know about pinky promises. Children used to make pinky promises to make their bond unbreakable. Isn’t it a good idea to make your pinky promise printed as a symbol on your skin?

Pinky promise tattoos are phenomenal art that shows durable close bonds and friendships. They represent the gratitude and honor that you feel about your friends. This is a tattoo design for couples too.

99 Pinky Promise Tattoo ideas | Make your Bonds Unbreakable 99 Pinky Promise Tattoo ideas | Make your Bonds Unbreakable

There are a lot of pinky promise tattoo ideas from which you can select one. Two pinkies crossing through is the most exciting and admiring thing ever!

Pinky promise tattoos do not follow the boundaries of gender. It can be a perfect expression for the two who share their promises.

If you want to know about this small and meaningful tattoo, then you have reached the right site because we have gathered all the information about these minimalist pinky promise tattoos. 99 Best Ladybug Tattoo Ideas Perfect Manifestation of Luck, Good Fortune, and Positivity

So stay with us to read about its symbolism, how ancient it is, and how beautiful tattoo ideas are in the air!

How the Pinky Promise Tattoo Originated?

What do you think about the origin of pinky promises? You may think it is just a promise of binding with your near ones.

But for the People of Japan, it was considered an oath that should not be broken at any cost. Otherwise, you would have to face the penalty, and your pinky finger will be cut off. As it was named “yubikiri” which means “fingers cut off”.

In the US since the 1860s, a quote was stated about the pinky promises. It was said in Bartlett’s dictionary of Americans about the pinky promises “pinky, pinky, bow-bell. Whoever tells a lie will bow down to a bad place and never rise up again“.

A person had the right to cut off the pinky of his partner who did wrong or cheated on him. This is quite irritating. Fortunately, today we do not follow the strict penalties for pinky promises.

The stiffness may show you that the pinky promise is a very serious commitment, and you should not look for unloyalty with your family and friend. So make sure you have a high level of sincerity and loyalty for your close bonds to get a pinky promise print.

How Significant is the Pinky Promise Tattoo?

How Significant is the Pinky Promise Tattoo?

Before you decide to wear a tattoo, you must know its definition and significance. The same is for the pinky promise tattoo. You should be well aware of its connotation after reading this article. 199 Mushroom Tattoos ideas and Their Symbolic Meanings 

What do pinky promise tattoos mean? It illustrates a lifetime relationship. Not everyone has the power to wear it. This is a perfect representation of trust and confidence in each other. It can also exhibit a sense of memory for childhood connections.

This could be a symbol of love for a couple. Not only for the representation of affection between friends and mates, but this tattoo also can have the opportunity to explain the affection between parents and children.

It may provide you with force to not break your pinky swear. Whatever the circumstance your relationship has to face, you both will stay with each other forever through thick and thin. This is a promise to show loyalty to each other.

Are you ready to make a lifetime bond with your buddies or a contract for a never-ending expression of fondness for your spouse? The Pinky promise tattoo will surely make a fabulous expression for you. 50+ Strong Survive Tattoo for men Design Ideas 2023

It’s worth considering what the symbolism of the pinky promise tattoo is. So let’s scroll down to know about the symbolic representation of a pinky promise tattoo!

What are You Going to Present Through Pinky Promise Tattoo?

What comes to your mind when you think about the expression of this remarkable ink? This is the perfect way to show love for friendship. If you have a best friend and you both have decided to do things together and have promised never to leave one another, then this tattoo will be an adorable reminder for both of you.

The immortal feelings of love and commitment to family, friends, and partners will be perfectly expressed through this ink. To add cement to the bonds that are close to your heart relationship pinky promise tattoo will act as glue.

How Significant is the Pinky Promise Tattoo?

Which Sites Should You Consider for Pinky Promise Tattoo?

The site of your tattoo completely depends on your preferences, whether you want to show off or hide it from people’s eyes.

The most popular places for getting the ink of pinky promise tattoos are the wrist, finger, back, shoulder, forearm, lower back, and front chest.

This tattoo is a permanent body reminder, so before getting it, you must decide on the place for it. You should search for adorable and affordable tattoo designs before printing. Because it will be a permanent body art, so be careful.

After deciding on the budget and the site for your pinky promise tattoo, now you and your loved ones should agree on the pinky promise tattoo design with a mutual understanding. 99 Best Wildflower Tattoo Ideas in 2023 You Have To See To Believe!

Let’s see what tattoo design will best suit you and your partner!

What Pinky Promise Tattoo Ideas Are Best for You?

How Significant is the Pinky Promise Tattoo?

#1. Two Pinky Fingers Connected With a Band

Two Pinky Fingers Connected With a Band

A red ribbon is printed, and binding two pinkies will be a captivating tattoo design for you. You can also add different colors to make your ink more charming and unique.

If you are looking for a simple and small pinky promise tattoo design, then this is surely for you to wear.

#2. Pinky Promise Tattoo with Flowers

Pinky Promise Tattoo with Flowers

When you and your buddy have a great love for nature, and you both want to make your tattoo design more aesthetic and visually rich, two pinkies crossing each other with a flower bouquet in between will be a perfect tattoo theme. 99+ Bear Tattoo for family, strength, Meaning & Design Ideas

If you are going to get the tattoo in the season of joy and fullness – the spring, then this inclusion of flowers will be an amazing illustration.

#3. Pinky Promise Tattoos with Bold Ink

Pinky Promise Tattoos with Bold Ink

Are you searching for bold ink tattoo designs and want to show off your friendship publically?

This tattoo art is a perfect symbol for you to flex your eternal friendship publically.

#4. Pinky Promise Tattoo with an Olive Branch

Pinky Promise Tattoo with an Olive Branch

Olive is a sign of peace. Include it in the pinky promise tattoo design to exhibit a great feeling of never fighting with each other over useless things.

The simple minimalist pinky promise tattoo design is perfect for besties. Located near the wrist on the forearm, this tattoo design will be a perfect idea for you and your besties.

#5. +1 Pinky Promise Tattoo

+1 Pinky Promise Tattoo

Honestly, everyone can have this body art. A busy tattoo design for you in which you can add the number of pinkies for more than two friends. For example, you can have a triple pinky promise when you are three in number. 500 Star Tattoos design ideas That Put a Modern Spin on the Classic Design

Isn’t it an incredible pinky promise tattoo idea for you and your friends? If it is, then you must go for the ink.

#6. Pinky Promise Tattoo with “Let’s get lost” Print

Pinky Promise Tattoo with "Let's get lost" Print

Do you want to add any phrase with the pinky promise tattoo design? You can do that! The perfect phrase “let’s get lost” with pinky promise fingers will be a captivating art.

It is an outstanding memento when you and your besties are crazy about traveling. Let’s have a trip after getting this ink together!

#7. Pinky Promise Tattoo with Sun Flowers

Pinky Promise Tattoo with Sun Flowers

When you have some common interests and hobbies, you can express them with the help of your pinky promise tattoo. You just have to add flowers if gardening is quite loving for both of you.

For flower addition, sunflowers are simple drawings to showcase happiness and joy.

#8. Minimalist Pinky Promise Tattoo Idea for Love Birds

Minimalist Pinky Promise Tattoo Idea for Love Birds

Do you want to express your love for your partner? Want to make your promises immortal through pinky swear tattoos? Yes, you can do this after printing a ‘couple’ pinky promise tattoos.

This tattoo design is for simplistic souls. If you are, then you must wear it as body ink.

#9. Pinky Promise Tattoo Ink with a Heart Lining

Pinky Promise Tattoo Ink with a Heart Lining

The strap of the heart surrounding your tattoo is a wonderful expression of die-hard love for your sweetheart. You can showcase your love for your children, family, and besties as well. Top 99 Astronaut Tattoos Ideas designs 2023 

It is an adorable tattoo ink when it comes to showing your romance and honor for someone.

#10. Pinky Promise Tattoo with ‘Promise’ Written on It

Pinky Promise Tattoo with 'Promise' Written on It

The most popular tattoo design for the pinky promise ink is two hands crossing their pinkies with each other and ‘Promise’ written on it.

This is an extremely serious tattoo ink and may act as a final nail in the coffin, so if you are getting it, be ready for a die-or-ride situation.

These are only some of the best pinky promise tattoo ideas for you. You can pick one from them or add new things to make your art unique. It’s totally up to you!

Final Words

Pinky promise tattoos are the most simple yet expressive body print. You can show your eternal love, oath, and pinky swears for your friends, family, and spouse. The tattoo designs vary in style and design. Most probably, you may have decided to wear a pinky promise tattoo ink after reading this article, haven’t you?. Let’s find the best tattoo artist in the area to get printed now!

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