99 Shark Tattoos – An Update About Design and Symbolic Meanings

99 Shark Tattoos - An Update About Design and Symbolic Meanings

99 Shark Tattoos – An Update About Design and Symbolic Meanings: Deadly, fast, and stealthy, sharks are the predators of the sea that you can call “Kings”. Sharks are a symbol of fear not only for aquatic life but also for us. We all are fascinated by their dominating nature. This fish is a true sign of survival which biologists and naturalists called survival of the fittest. Top 99 Money Rose Tattoo Ideas 

But in the world, some cultures consider sharks as sacred animals. So they love to paint their bodies with fascinating and incredible shark tattoos that are absolutely perfect to look at. But this is also true that different cultures take the different meanings of the sharks and shark tattoos and there are several designs that the crowd like to tattoo.

Let’s read with us to know more details about shark tattoos!

99 Shark Tattoos

99 Shark Tattoos

What are Shark Tattoos – Symbolic Meaning

Sharks are aquatic animals that are the representation of fast, active, and alert. They work hard for survival and to rule the sea. Sharks teach us how to live, survive and adapt in our lives.

So when people decide to draw shark tattoos on their bodies, the reason behind their actions is to show courage, protection, and guidance.

But if you have read about sharks before, then you might know that it has several further types. For example, the fin sharks, hammerhead sharks, traditional sharks, tribe sharks, etc.  Stitch Tattoo Lovers

All these sharks have their separate identities and refer to the different meanings that you must know about if you want to have a shark tattoo. Shark tattoos are commonly used by men, but women also like to have the one on their bodies because tattoos have no boundaries.

The hammerhead sharks are the protector sharks, and the people of the west believe that getting a tattoo of a hammerhead shark is a great representation that the person can save himself from man-eating sharks.

Another example is the white shark tattoos, which are majestic and a true symbol of aggressiveness and efficiency.

Amazing Shark Tattoo Designs That You Must Get

#1. Colorful Shark Tattoos

The different and the most fascinating among all shark tattoos are the colorful shark tattoos. These represent the sharks in the big aquarium, where there is a strong chance that the shark will be roped in and captured.

Colorful Shark Tattoos

Colorful Shark Tattoos

Colorful Shark Tattoos

Colorful Shark Tattoos

Colorful Shark Tattoos

Colorful Shark Tattoos

#2. Colorful Outline Shark Tattoos

These tattoos are the rough shark representation. These tattoos are not like the other shark tattoos that have detailed descriptions with prominent strokes. Cherub Tattoos

The outline of the design is drawn with different colors, which fascinate the clients and other viewers.

Colorful Outline Shark Tattoos

Colorful Outline Shark Tattoos

#3. Anchor Shark Tattoos

The anchor shark tattoo design is most commonly used by seamen. Who are never scared of the dangers of the sea and are always ready to start a new adventure in life. These incredible tattoos are usually tattooed by artists on marine lovers and depict stability and a deep pace.

. Anchor Shark Tattoos

Anchor Shark Tattoos

Anchor Shark Tattoos

Anchor Shark Tattoos

#4. A Shark in Pain Tattoos

This exciting tattoo design is loved by the majority of the k tattoo lovers. It represents how a shark tries to survive during hard times, and it gives a reminder to the person as well to never give up in life, no matter how much pain he is suffering.

A Shark in Pain Tattoos

#5. Small Realistic Shark Tattoos

Small realistic shark tattoos are made on the inner arm, so they are not much prominent to other until a person wear half-sleeves or a sleeveless shirt. This particular white and black tattoo is quite realistic in appearance and shows the shark structure in detail.

Small Realistic Shark Tattoos

Small Realistic Shark Tattoos

#6. Shark with Flower Tattoos

Sharks and flowers are a beautiful blend. You will surely fall in love with this tattoo after getting one on your skin. You can get this tattoo anywhere on the body, but it looks great at the back neck. How Do Tattoo Artists Design Tattoos on Skin? 

Shark with Flower Tattoos

#7. Tiger Shark Tattoos

The tiger shark tattoos are named so because of the razor claws that are present on the fins. But it’s common sense there are no claws in reality, but tattoos are the next level of imagination.

Tiger Shark Tattoos

#8. Shark Tooth Tattoos

Just imagine a shark with an open mouth and prominent jaws and teeth. It looks horrible. But people want these tattoos to be painted on their skin because they look awesome.

Shark Tooth Tattoos

Shark Tooth Tattoos

#9. Geometric Dot Work Hammerhead Shark Tattoos

These truly artistic tattoo designs are the most anticipated ones. The hammerhead shark with a neat dot work looks great anywhere on the body. And you can experience it as well.

Geometric Dot Work Hammerhead Shark Tattoos


It’s best to get a shark tattoo right after reading this article. As of now, you are well aware of the different designs and their symbolic meanings in detail. So what are you waiting for? Go and paint the one!

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