Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza is struck by an Israeli armored shell.

Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza is struck by an Israeli armored shell.

Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza is struck by an Israeli armored shell. Authorities in the besieged Gaza Strip reported that the Israeli army fired a tank shell at Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City late Wednesday, following an earlier incursion on the facility earlier in the day.

The Gaza-based Health Ministry stated in a statement that the hospital’s coronary care unit and surgical unit were both damaged by the tank projectile. The ministry did not specify whether the shelling of Al-Shifa, the main hospital in Gaza, had caused any injuries.

Additionally, it stated that the power generator of the hospital belonged to the two technicians who were apprehended by the Israeli army during its widely condemned invasion.

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As previously stated, the ministry asserted that a significant portion of the medical equipment at the hospital was intentionally destroyed or damaged during the Israeli army assault. The Israeli army’s response to the statement is pending.

Although the hospital had previously ceased operations due to fuel and supply shortages caused by an ongoing Israeli blockade, a significant number of patients and individuals seeking refuge in the complex remain amidst the ongoing Israeli assaults.

Following days of siege, the Israeli army conducted an assault on Al-Shifa on Wednesday morning.

The latest figures from Palestinian authorities indicate that since October 7, at least 11,500 Palestinians have been slain, including over 7,800 women and children, and over 29,200 others have been injured.

In addition to hospitals, mosques, and churches, Israel’s unremitting air and ground assaults on the besieged enclave since last month have damaged or destroyed thousands of structures.

In contrast, official figures place the Israeli mortality toll at approximately 1,200.

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