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Malware on Google Playstore – beware of these Android apps

More than two dozen Android photo editing and fashion applications have been found to contain malware in the Google Play Store, said the cyber security company Symantec. In total, 25 malicious applications have been uncovered in the Play Store, which have been downloaded over 2 million times. Symantec reported Google’s malicious apps on 2 September and since then all apps have been deleted. They could still be on your phone, that said. If so, remove them as soon as possible.

  • Photo Collage Maker
  • Cut Studio Professional
  • Pop Color
  • SkyCamera for 2019
  • Yasuo wallpapers
  • Image Blur Editor (Unlimited)
  • Hairstyles Photo Editor Plus
  • Latest Hairstyles (Free)
  • Motion On Picture
  • Photo Background Editor Pro
  • Photo Blur Background Maker 2019
  • Auto Blur Photo
  • Image blur editor
  • Image blur editor (Free)
  • Auto Cut Out (Free)
  • Auto Cut Out Pro
  • Background Cut Out Pro
  • Blur Image Plus
  • Blur Image Plus (1.0)
  • Blur Image Pro
  • Cut Paste Photo Editor
  • Cut Paste Photo Editor (X 1.0)
  • Face Feature
  • Fashion Hairstyles Pic Editor
  • Fashion Hairstyles Pic Editor 2.4.6

Definitely uninstall them immediately if you still have any of these apps installed. Symantec said the malware mainly targets users with aggressive and common advertising. In some cases, Symantec said that developers have created a malicious copy of the Google Play Store trend application to help people download their malware.

This is the third time in a months that serious malware has been found to be infected by the “joker” malware on the Google Play in Android apps earlier this month. The malware was designed to sneakily sign up users for subscription services that could be charged during several months before they realize they’re even subscribed to. In August, the popular CamScanner scanner app was found to have malware that runs and downloads other unwanted files on its own.

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