Cam Akers a Rams reserve running back is in talks for a trade.

Cam Akers a Rams reserve running back is in talks for a trade.

Cam Akers a Rams reserve running back is in talks for a trade. The turbulent period of Cam Akers’ life in Los Angeles is ending. Less than 24 hours after Akers missed Los Angeles’ Week 2 loss to the 49ers due to injury, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport revealed that the Rams had trade discussions centered around Akers.

Following what Rapoport described as a challenging practice week, Akers was inactive for the game, leaving him in an unsteady position with the Rams. He was replaced by Kyren Williams, who will continue to play the role of starting running back moving forward.

“Coach’s decision felt like that was best for our football team,” Rams head coach Sean McVay stated following Sunday’s contest. “I thought Kyren gave us the best chance, and what Ronnie (Rivers) and Royce said made sense.”

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For those who had thought that Akers’ strong finish to the 2022 season, in which he exceeded 100 rushing yards in each of his final three games, would help him get out to a quick start in the 2023 season, this development is distressing. Akers started slowly for the Rams in the first two weeks, averaging just 1.9 yards per carry in Week 1’s victory over the Seattle Seahawks before missing Week 2.

Williams gained 52 yards and scored one rushing touchdown on 14 attempts on Sunday without Akers, which was a solid but not incredibly successful day. In the defeat in Week 2, he was the only running back to record a rushing attempt.

It’s distinctive. The main point is that I’ll always act in our football team’s best interest, according to McVay. Although I have the utmost regard for Cam Akers, he was the most significant choice for our football team tonight, in this game, and going ahead.

It is optional to have a psychology doctorate to understand this: Akers is probably dissatisfied with his position in the Rams’ offense, but McVay isn’t keen on giving in.

In 2022, Akers developed a similar level of dissatisfaction and took a few weeks off from the team, hoping he would be transferred by the trade deadline. When that didn’t happen, he and the Rams found a way to collaborate again, resulting in some of his best games ever.

This time, McVay won’t tolerate Akers’ irritation for long.

McVay doesn’t have to satisfy his star-studded lineup. He can pursue victory with anyone he thinks is his best choice. As of right now, Williams is that choice. We’ll see if Akers finds a better opportunity somewhere through trade or negotiates with the Rams to resolve their issues again for a second consecutive season.

It looks like the window to establish common ground won’t be as long this time around, based on his “next couple of days” statement.

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