Can You Cancel Your Eleven Labs AI Subscription?

Can You Cancel Your Eleven Labs AI Subscription?

You have accomplished the objective for which you purchased an Eleven Labs AI subscription. You currently wish to cancel your Eleven Labs AI subscription. 

As a generative voice AI tool, Eleven Labs can transform your speech text into an elegant and refined voice. That voice applies to all of your video initiatives and content. Explore the services offered by Can You Cancel Your Eleven Labs AI Subscription?

You can cancel your Eleven Labs AI subscription through your Account page or by sending a request to their customer service department.  You will be provided with additional information regarding the Eleven Labs cancellation procedure. Therefore, ensure that you finish reading this article. 

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Plans for Eleven Labs AI Subscription Pricing

Examine the information in this table regarding Eleven Labs Subscription Plans.

Eleven Labs Subscription  Subscription Cost
Free $0
Starter $1 per month (For new users). After that, $5 per month
Creator $22 per month
Independent Publisher $99 per month
Growing Business $330 per month

Can I Cancel My Eleven Labs AI Voice Cloning Subscription?

Follow these instructions to cancel your subscription to Eleven Labs AI. 

  • Utilize the Eleven Labs login page.
  • After accessing your Account profile, select the Subscription option.
  • Access the Panel for Managing Subscriptions 
  • Select the Subscription Cancel link. 

Can I Cancel My Eleven Labs AI Subscription Via Email?

Additionally, email cancellation is recommended. All inquiries from their subscribers will be addressed via email by their customer service team. You may, therefore, also submit your cancellation inquiry through email. 

Sent an email to the [email protected] Eleven Labs email address after composing it.  

How Can I Get a Refund From Eleven Labs?

Previously a subscriber to Eleven Labs, you have since decided to cancel your subscription. Does one receive a refund upon subscription cancellation? 

Well!! Not in all cases. Refunds are exclusively issued for subscription cancellations received within fourteen days of payment. Your subscription was canceled after fourteen days; however, no refunds will be issued. 

Concerning the Enterprise Plan, refund requests must be submitted within thirty days of the initial purchase date. To request a refund, don’t hesitate to contact [email protected] via email. 

How do I get in touch with Eleven Labs Support?

If any problems arise, please feel free to reach out to their support team using the methods provided below. 

  • By initiating communication within the Eleven Labs Discord Community. 
  • Their Live Chat functionality is accessible via their Contact Page.
  • Contact us via email at [email protected].
  • Eleven Labs Inc., 576 Vanderbilt Avenue Apartment 4, Brooklyn, New York 11238, United States, should receive your inquiries.


This concludes the section on the procedure for canceling an Eleven Labs AI subscription. We earnestly request your satisfaction with the information that this article has furnished. 

Still, if there are any outstanding concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch with their customer service department for resolution.

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