How Can I Cancel 10Web Subscription?

How Can I Cancel 10Web Subscription?

After a thorough investigation, you have determined that the 10Web AI Platform is unsuitable for your organization. As a result, you have decided to cancel 10Web subscription and arrived here to do so.

The 10Web Platform is a powerful tool that allows you to create websites without any coding knowledge. This AI-powered platform can generate a responsive and suitable website for your company within a few minutes. All you need to do is provide information about your company, such as the business name, industry, and target audience.

However, if you have decided to cancel your subscription, you can quickly locate the cancel icon on your Account Dashboard. It is essential to note that once you cancel your subscription, you can no longer access the platform’s features and services.

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If you have any questions or concerns about the cancellation process, please do not hesitate to contact the 10Web support team. They will gladly assist you and provide further details on canceling your subscription and any associated fees or refunds.

Is it Possible to Cancel a 10Web Subscription?

Indeed, it is possible to terminate your 10Web and Plugins subscriptions at any moment. You may continue to utilize the benefits of your subscription plan until the last day of your current subscription term, even after terminating your subscription. 

How Do I Cancel My Subscription to 10Web?

By following these procedures, the 10Web subscription can be terminated. 

Proceed to your Dashboard after logging into your 10Web account.

Select the Workspace option from the dashboard’s drop-down menu.

Opt for Subscription Strategies 

Access the subscription plan details for your current account. 

Tap the Click here icon at the bottom of the page to terminate your subscription.

Select a valid cause for cancellation

Select the Submit and Cancel link.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription To Plugins?

Follow these procedures to terminate your subscription to Plugins:

Proceed to the 10Web Dashboard page.

Select your Workspace from the Dashboard’s left-hand side.

Select the Subscription Plan link.

Select Cancel Subscription from the menu beneath the plan details. 

Once purchased, the plugin bundles are available for perpetual use until the subscription is terminated by the procedures above. 

How Can Your 10Web Account Be Deleted?

To terminate your 10Web account, please adhere to the subsequent straightforward procedures:

Navigate to the 10Web site and sign in to your account.

Tap your gravatar in the display’s upper-right quadrant. 

Select Login details and security.

Select the Delete Account link.

Verify the deletion of your account via the pop-up menu.

Verifying that your 10Web subscription has been canceled before account deletion is essential. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a 10Web subscription refund possible?

Purchases of subscriptions are final. A refund is unavailable for the 10Web Subscription and the Plugins Subscription.

You are eligible for a refund for billing errors, technical difficulties, or defects. For reimbursement in light of these conditions, please email their support staff at [email protected]

What is the cost of the 10Web AI website builder?

Subscription Plans for 10Web: For Simple Websites (AI Starter Plan, priced at $10 per month); For Professional Websites, priced at $15 per month (AI Premium). 

In the case of high-traffic websites (AI Ultimate, $23 per month) and enterprise-level enterprises,

Is a free trial of 10Web accessible?

Indeed, before enrolling in its paid subscription plan, 10Web offers a one-week complimentary trial on this platform, during which users may examine the service’s functionality. 

How Do I Communicate With The 10Web Support Staff?

Contact the support staff at [email protected] if you have any inquiries or apprehensions regarding this platform. Assistance is available around the clock via their social media platforms, LinkedIn and Facebook. 


To establish and grow your company, consider utilizing the 10Web Platform. The majority enjoyed using this platform. 

Should you find 10Web to be unsatisfactory, you can independently terminate the subscription and permanently cancel 10Web Account by following the instructions as mentioned above.

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