How to Cancel AGL Account in Two Easy Steps?

How to Cancel AGL Account in Two Easy Steps?

You have obtained a gas and electricity service provider superior to AGL; therefore, you wish to cancel AGL account and discontinue its services. 

AGL, Australia’s preeminent electricity and gas provider, serves a vast clientele across the globe. Nonetheless, a few individuals still need to be satisfied with their offerings and wish to cancel. 

At any time, you can cancel AGL Account by contacting their customer support service team through online chatting directly from your AGL Account or by calling their team. 

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Not to worry! You will only be permitted to proceed with such adequate information. A comprehensive explanation of the cancellation methods can be found in the following sections. 

How Do I Cancel My AGL Account Through Messenger?

You may initiate the process of canceling your AGL account by initiating a live chat conversation with an AGL representative to debate the cancellation matter. 

By following these procedures, you can deactivate your AGL services. You will be assisted in canceling or deactivating your services using their virtual agent. 

  • Access the AGL website and log in using your AGL account credentials. Additionally, you may launch your AGL application. 
  • Live Chat can be accessed through the Live Chat icon located within the AGL account.
  • Discussion regarding your disconnection with their team
  • After verifying your address, choose the service that you wish to discontinue.
  • Choose the date on which you would like to discontinue your service. 
  • After completing a few additional steps, you will receive confirmation that your AGL Account has been terminated and your service has been disconnected. 

How Do I Cancel AGL Account Via Telephone?

Additionally, you can discontinue or terminate your AGL services by contacting their customer support department and requesting that they do so. 

At any moment, you may dial 131 245 to reach a member of the AGL service team and be connected with one of their representatives. Request that your AGL services be disconnected and that your account be canceled. 

Include your account information and the justification for the cancellation of your services. Once their team has gathered all the necessary information, they will terminate your service and delete your AGL Account. 

If you wish to speak with a member of their staff in their native tongue during a phone conversation, AGL also provides interpreter services. To request these services, please dial 1300 307 245.

Frequently Asked Questions  

How Do You Request That Your AGL Digital Account Be Deleted?

Contacting their customer service department with your request to deactivate your AGL Digital Account is possible if you already possess one.

You may contact their support staff via Live Chat or by dialing 131 245. 

Is AGL Liable for a Disconnection Charge?

Whether or not it depends on your location, some customers may be required to pay a disconnection fee for their AGL services, depending on their location and energy provider. 

How Can I Get In Touch With AGL Buyer Service?

Whenever you encounter a problem, the AGL service team is available. Their agent is accessible via an online conversation through your AGL Account or AGL App. 

Contact their support team immediately at 131 245 for assistance. 


We have condensed this article into the most effective and feasible approaches for terminating an AGL account. If you wish to cancel AGL Services, you may proceed with any cancellation methods detailed in this guide. 

Calling is the ideal option if you desire a cancellation to occur immediately. Immediately discontinue your AGL services and switch to a new energy provider. 

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