Can I Cancel BrowserStack Subscription in 4 Easy Steps?

Can I Cancel BrowserStack Subscription in 4 Easy Steps?

BrowserStack has not endorsed your website; therefore, you may wish to conduct additional testing on a different platform. Accuracy assured? It is, therefore, affirmed that you require assistance to cancel BrowserStack subscription. Determine this ourselves. 

BrowserStack is a cloud-based infrastructure through which users will be granted access to test the websites and mobile applications they develop. If you are a beginner in application or web development, you will find BrowserStack an extremely useful tool. 

To cancel BrowserStack subscription, navigate to the Account Summary section at the bottom of the page. 

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Pricing for BrowserStack Subscriptions

You are permitted to utilize BrowserStack’s services during its free trial. However, you must choose the subscription plan that best suits your needs. 

The following table details the various types of BrowserStack subscription plans.

Subscription Plan Subscription Cost
Desktop $29 per month
Desktop & Mobile $39 per month
Team  $150 per month
Enterprise Contact Team 

Policy on BrowserStack Cancellations

The BrowserStack Subscription is renewed automatically. Following the termination of a subscription, automatic renewal will cease. 

However, the subscription service benefits will remain active on your BrowserStack Account until the end of the present subscription period. 

Your subscription will not be renewed for a subsequent plan once it has expired. Additionally, remember that terminating your subscription does not result in deleting your BrowserStack account. You may resubscribe to the account in the future and continue to use it at no cost. 

How Do I Cancel BrowserStack Subscription?

Follow these procedures to terminate your subscription to BrowserStack:

  • Navigate to the BrowserStack site.
  • Enable the BrowserStack Account by entering your login credentials.
  • Locate the Account Summary section by navigating to the page’s bottom.
  • Select the Cancel Subscription link here. 

How Do I Delete My Account From BrowserStack?

It is critical to understand that deleting your BrowserStack Account is irreversible; restoring it is impossible. 

Proceed as follows to remove your BrowserStack account: 

  • Proceed to access your BrowserStack account.
  • Proceed to the Summary segment.
  • Access the Delete Account section after that.
  • Within that section, select the Delete Account link. 
  • After that, a confirmation page will appear on-screen.
  • In the provided textbox, enter Delete to validate the deletion.
  • Click the Delete Account option once more.

Users with the BrowserStack Enterprise Plan cannot deactivate their accounts using the abovementioned procedures. 

How Can A BrowserStack Enterprise Account Be Deleted?

To delete a user account from the Enterprise Account, proceed as follows:

  • Establish an Enterprise Account login.
  • In the Accounts section, navigate to the User Management subsection.
  • Select the user whose account you wish to delete.
  • Tap the three horizontal dots that appear next to the user account.
  • Tap the User Removal option.
  • Mark the box labeled “Delete User Account.”
  • Ultimately, select the Confirm button.
  • The User Account is terminated. The BrowserStack framework

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Downgrade My Subscription to BrowserStack?

Contact the BrowserStack Support Team to have your subscription downgraded.

Is A BrowserStack Refund Possible?

Cancellation of the subscription will not result in a refund, not even a prorated refund, per the BrowserStack Refund Policy. 

How Do I Communicate With the BrowserStack Support Staff?

BrowserStack can be reached through the Contact Form, which can be submitted to their support staff. Their team will then promptly initiate communication with you. Follow their team’s activity on Twitter. 


You must take these steps to terminate your BrowserStack subscription. Before permanently deleting your account, exercise caution and adhere to the abovementioned steps. 

The BrowserStack customer service team is consistently available to assist with any additional issues. They may be contacted at any time. 


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