How Do I Cancel Christian Mingle Account?

How Do I Cancel Christian Mingle Account?

You discovered a genuine ideological connection in a foreign domain. Consequently, you have decided to discontinue using your Christian Mingle Account. Should this be the case, we are poised to furnish you with the necessary details regarding canceling your Christian Mingle subscription. 

Christian Mingle is an internet-based dating platform that assists Christians in discovering suitable companions with whom they can share their deepest emotions, sentiments, and even their lives. The vast majority of users on this platform are Christians. 

To cancel Christian Mingle subscription, deactivate the Auto-Renewal feature and halt any upcoming subscription payments. 

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Detailed and comprehensive information regarding the cancellation of the account and subscription will be provided in this article. 

Can You Cancel Christian Mingle Subscription?

Your Christian Mingle subscription may be terminated at any time. The Automatic Renewal feature is activated upon each transaction of a subscription. 

Therefore, the automatic renewal option must be deactivated to terminate the subscription. To prevent your subscription from renewing automatically. 

How Are Christian Mingle Auto-Renewal Subscriptions Canceled?

To cancel your Christian Mingle subscription, please adhere to the following guidelines. 

  • Tap on your Photo Thumbnail after logging into your Christian Mingle account.
  • Select the icon of three horizontal lines from the top of the Christian Mingle application. 
  • After that, select Manage Subscription. 
  • Navigate to the Stop Subscription link. Automatic subscription renewal will cease as a result.
  • Select the justification for the subscription cancellation.
  • Select the Continue link. 
  • Select the Stop Subscription link. 
  • A confirmation email will be sent to you once your subscription has been terminated.

The subscription benefits remain accessible until the conclusion of the current subscription term.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription To Christian Mingle On iOS?

To cancel a Christian Mingle subscription that iTunes manages, please follow the instructions below. 

Cancel the Subscription Using an iOS Device or an iPhone.

  • Launch the iPhone’s Settings application.
  • Navigate to your name.
  • Navigate to Subscriptions
  • Choose the Christian Mingle Membership

Subsequently, select the Cancel Subscription option on your Mac.

  • Navigate to the App Store
  • Select your name.
  • Navigate to Account Preferences
  • Select the Manage button by browsing through the Subscription options.
  • Opt for a Christian Mingle membership
  • Select the Cancel Subscription link adjacent to the Subscription. 

How Do I Cancel My Subscription to Christian Mingle Using The Contact Form?

Additionally, you may submit your request for cancellation through their Contact Form. When you access their Contact Form, input the information below. 

  • Provide Your Email Address
  • Subject: “Cancellation of Christian Mingle Subscription”
  • Construct a Description
  • Include any documentation that can serve as proof of your identity.
  • Click the Submit link. 

How Do I Remove My Profile From Christian Mingle?

Are you contemplating removing your profile or account from Christian Mingle? It is critical to understand that deleting an account is permanent before proceeding. 

Once your account has been deleted, it cannot be recovered. 

If you are certain that you wish to deactivate your Christian Mingle account, proceed as follows: 

  • Once logged into your account, select the Profile Thumbnail.
  • Select App and tap the three horizontal lines at the top of the Profile pane.
  • Proceed to the Account Settings page.
  • Select Profile Display Configuration
  • Click the icon labeled Permanently Delete Profile. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is A Christian Mingle Refund Possible?

We regret to inform you that terminating a purchased subscription will not result in any refund or a prorated refund. 

How Do You Reestablish Subscription to Christian Mingle?

Proceed to reactivate your subscription: Navigate to your account on Christian Mingle. >> Select the Photo Thumbnail Control Subscriptions> Reinitialize Subscription

How Do I Contact Customer Service at Christian Mingle?

The Christian Mingle customer service department can be reached through their Contact Form. ChristianMingle Customer Care–Spark Networks, Inc., Attn: Virtual Goods Terms, 10808 S River Front Parkway Suite 398 South Jordan, UT 84095, can be contacted with any inquiries or concerns.


Consider utilizing the Christian Mingle Platform if you are searching for a Christian partner. One may subscribe to the platform through its paid subscription plan to access enhanced features and benefits. 

Nevertheless, should you remain unattached, you terminate your subscription and permanently eliminate your profile by following the earlier procedures. 

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