How Can I Cancel ClickUp AI Subscription? Rapid Cancellation

How Can I Cancel ClickUp AI Subscription? Rapid Cancellation

You can cancel ClickUp AI Subscription if the ClickUp tool fails to deliver satisfactory results. The techniques outlined in this article will make accomplishing this task effortless. 

ClickUp is an artificial intelligence (AI) application that facilitates the creation of fruitful content. Utilizing the faster-generating utility ClickUp, the project or content that previously required a minimum of 30 minutes can now be completed in 30 seconds. 

If you wish to cancel ClickUp subscription, you may do so through your account by deactivating the corresponding icon or by contacting their customer support team. 

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ClickUp AI Costs

If you intend to utilize ClickUp for personal purposes, the ClickUp Free Version is your finest option. While this version remains free to use, it offers restricted advantages. ClickUp is available for free use at all times. 

However, if you require this instrument for professional purposes, the restricted functionalities of its free edition are unsuitable for your undertaking. Please refer to the table below regarding subscription programs.

ClickUp Subscription Plan Monthly Plan Yearly Plan (Billed Monthly)
Unlimited $10 $7
Business $19 $12
Enterprise Contact Sales Contact Sales

How Can I Cancel My ClickUp Subscription?

To discontinue utilizing the services of ClickUp AI, execute the subsequent procedures to disable or terminate ClickUp. 

Access the ClickUp Account Settings page after logging in.

To access your Avatar’s profile, tap on it.

Select ClickApps.

To disable an AI ClickApp, select it.

By tapping the adjacent toggle icon, one can deactivate the ClickApp. 

How Do I Terminate ClickUp Requesting Support?

You may request assistance from the ClickUp Support Team to terminate your subscription. You may submit a cancellation request to their support staff, who will promptly remove your subscription upon receipt of your request. 

How Can A ClickUp Account Be Deleted?

If you desire a permanent erasure from your ClickUp Account, your best option is to delete the account. Remember that erasing your ClickUp account is irretrievable; account recovery is impossible. 

Follow these steps to delete your account if you are sure that you wish to do so. 

  • Select the Account Avatar icon.
  • Navigate to My Settings
  • Determine the Workspace
  • Select the Delete Account link at the bottom.
  • Enter your password for the account on the confirmation page.
  • Select the Confirm link.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can A ClickUp Refund Be Obtained?

ClickUp does provide a thirty-day money-back guarantee. Within thirty days of subscribing, you may terminate the service and request a refund if unsatisfied. Undoubtedly, you will obtain a refund.

How Do I Register For The Free Trial Of ClickUp?

To accomplish this, Sign in to the workspace, then select Try ClickUp AI. A fresh document will be opened>The free trial has begun.  

How Can I Get in Touch With ClickUp’s Customer Service?

Contacting the ClickUp Support Team is possible at any time. The live chat functionality of ClickUp is accessible via the bottom right corner of the website. Make the ClickUp Team your Twitter connection.


This article regarding “how to cancel ClickUp” should be bound. I hope that you are successful in obtaining the precise information that you are seeking. You may contact the ClickUp support staff anytime with any inquiries or concerns.

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