How Can I Cancel Copyleaks AI Subscription?

How Can I Cancel Copyleaks AI Subscription?

Should you determine that Copyleaks fails to deliver precise plagiarism detection for your content, you can terminate your Copyleaks subscription by following the instructions in this article. 

Copyleaks is an extremely popular AI and plagiarism detector application that offers free access and the option to subscribe for additional incredible features. Copy and paste or upload the file containing the content you wish to examine. It will analyze your text and return the results following its AI-based methods. 

To Cancel Copyleaks AI subscription, navigate to your Account settings and select Cancel Subscription. Contacting their customer service department may also prove beneficial during the cancellation process. 

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How do you get out of your Copyleaks AI subscription?

To terminate your Copyleaks subscription, conform to the following procedures. 

  • Navigate to the Copyleaks website and enter your credentials.
  • Proceed to the Account Settings page.
  • Select “Billings”
  • In the upper-right corner of the display, select the Options navigation menu.
  • Select Cancel Subscription after that.
  • Respond to a brief survey form. 
  • Cancel the subscription after that.

Despite the cancellation of your subscription, you continue to have access to the benefits of your subscription plan for the duration of your current subscription term.

How Do I Email To Cancel My Copyleaks AI Subscription?

Additionally, emailing Copyleaks’s customer support can greatly assist with subscription cancellation. 

Send a cancellation email to [email protected], and your Copyleaks subscription will be terminated as soon as they receive the email. 

How Do I Cancel Copyleaks AI Subscription Through the Contact Form?

You can communicate with their team using the Contact Support Form and submitting your inquiry. Commence the input process by providing your email address, first name, and last name. 

Select a specific option from the selection menu beneath the “Topic Selection” field. Subsequently, upon completing the remaining mandatory fields, click “Submit” to have your form transmitted to their team. 

Additionally, you may submit a written inquiry regarding canceling your subscription to the mail address provided by their support staff at 700 Cancel St., Stamford, CT 06902 USA. Nonetheless, this mailing procedure could be more convenient and time-consuming to complete. Therefore, the procedures above are advised for canceling the Copyleaks subscription. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Copyleaks refund possible?

Should you terminate your subscription without utilizing any of its benefits within twenty-four hours of payment, you will receive a complete refund for that subscription. 

Regarding Monthly Subscriptions, refunds are exclusively issued for the current month and do not extend to the preceding month. 

How Can Customer Service At Copyleaks Be Contacted?

The customer service number for Copyleaks needs to be operational. You can communicate with their support staff through the Contact Form or by emailing [email protected]. In addition, inquiries may be directed to 700 Cancel St., Stamford, Connecticut 06902, USA. 

Additionally, if you have a greater affinity for social media, you can follow the Copyleaks Team on Facebook. 


This concludes a concise summary of our article titled “How to Cancel Copyleaks AI Subscription.” I also hope that the methods mentioned earlier are clear and straightforward to implement. We should each attempt one of these methods and provide our experiences.

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