How Do I Cancel Dewa Connection?

How Do I Cancel Dewa Connection?

DEWA provides your water and electricity connections, correct? It is unknown whether their services fall short of your expectations or if you have an alternative justification for terminating the agreement. Indeed, should you wish to cancel DEWA connection, we will gladly demonstrate the necessary steps. 

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) provides water and electricity services in Dubai’s metropolis. Since the Dubai Electricity Company and Dubai Water Department amalgamated into a single department, the authority has been responsible for delivering the services. 

Consumers can terminate their DEWA electricity or water connection electronically using their DEWA User ID or by contacting Customer Service at their discretion. 

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How Do I Cancel My Dewa Connection?

Deactivating a DEWA connection can be achieved through either an in-person or online process. 

Online DEWA Connection Cancellation 

  1. To cancel this method, you must initially visit the official DEWA website and log in using your UAE Pass or DEWA user ID. 
  2. navigate to the Consumer menu and select Electricity/Water Deactivation. 
  3. Your 10-digit DEWA contract account number must already be in your possession; input it where prompted. When managing multiple accounts, enter only the account number associated with the account that you desire to deactivate.
  4. Immediately settle any outstanding bills that you may have. Select a date of departure for the disconnection process. Additionally, you may be required to provide a phone number should they request it. 
  5. You may submit a refund request at the same time or a later date, selecting the payment method for the security deposit refund. 
  6. Upon finalizing the application, proceed with its submission. During the request processing phase, you will be allocated a move-out notification number, which may be utilized for subsequent needs. 

Online Cancellation of DEWA Connection Without Login ID 

  1. If you lack your login credentials or still need to register online, visit the DEWA website and select the Deactivation of Electricity/Water link. 
  2. Navigate to the Apply Online (without authentication) tab, which may be on the page’s left side. 
  3. Enter your ten-digit DEWA contract account number after selecting the tab. Additionally, a nine-digit DEWA premises number is required. If you are unfamiliar with them, please refer to your DEWA bill, where you will locate them. 
  4. You will receive an OTP shortly after using the email address or registered mobile phone number you provided. Utilize it to register before proceeding with the cancellation. 
  5. Following the steps outlined above, you must pay the outstanding bill, select a moving-out detail, and request a refund if desired before applying. 

In Person Cancel DEWA Connection

  1. You may also submit your service disconnection request in person if you cannot do so online and wish to terminate your DEWA connection. 
  2. When you are ready to cancel, ensure you have your customer account number, UAE mobile number, date of disconnect, and Emirates ID on hand. 
  3. Submitting the application form to the DEWA Customer Happiness Centre is possible. 

Dewa Connection Cancellation FAQs

How Much Time Is Required To Cancel Or Disconnect From DEWA? 

The processing and implementing of your disconnection request by DEWA could take up to twenty-four hours. You will receive your final invoice 24 hours after submitting your cancellation request. You may contact their customer service department should the procedure experience further postponement. 

What Occurs In The Absence Of DEWA Payment?

Due dates are specified on DEWA bills; payment must be received by that date. Additionally, you are granted a four-day grace period to remit payment for your invoice.

After that, an adjustment of AED100 will be made to your account. If that fee is not paid promptly, your services will be terminated. 

How do I submit a refund request to DEWA?

Visit the DEWA Refund Request page to submit a refund request. Select “Apply Online” from the menu on the left side of the page, and then enter the information requested for your UAE Pass or DEWA ID. After completing the procedures as instructed, you will be finished. 

How Do I Communicate with DEWA’s Customer Service?

To communicate with the DEWA Customer Support department, please use the following methods: [email protected] or dial their help number: 04-6019999. Additionally, you may visit the DEWA Contact Us page for additional contact information. 


Please adhere to the earlier procedures to disengage your DEWA-supplied electricity and water connection.

Here, you can experiment with both offline and online modes. If you have any further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the DEWA Customer Support team. 

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