How Can I Cancel Emaze Subscription? Two Methods That Work!!

How Can I Cancel Emaze Subscription? Two Methods That Work!!

You can now rapidly develop websites and presentations with Emaze’s assistance. It operates exceptionally well; you can terminate Emaze if you are unsatisfied with the results after attempting its service. 

Emaze is a platform that generates and develops high-quality content, including but not limited to websites, presentations, eCards, photo albums, blogs, and surveys, using AI techniques. A paid subscription is available for trial to access various features. 

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You may cancel Emaze subscription anytime by accessing the Terminate Subscription page and selecting the corresponding link. It is also beneficial to notify their team of the cancellation via email. 

Plans for Emaze Subscription Pricing

Both a paid and a free Emaze Account are available for registration. While a free version is accessible, subscribers can access more thrilling features by subscribing to its paid plans. 

The following are some of the most sought-after Emaze subscription plans. 

£600 monthly for the Pro Plan

Monthly Executive Plan fee of Rs 2000

Plan for the business: Rs 1800 per month

For the Enterprise Plan, please get in touch with the Sales Team. 

How Do I Cancel Online Emaze Subscription?

To cancel your Emaze Premium account or subscription, proceed as follows:

Navigate to your email address in the upper right corner of the Emaze website and enter your credentials to access your account.

Select My Account from the menu that appears.

Proceed there to the Billing section.

Select “If you wish to cancel future payments, please click here.”

Respond to a few queries.

Select the link labeled “Cancel Subscription.” 

An on-screen confirmation message will appear upon effective cancellation.

If you are sure your subscription has been canceled but cannot locate a confirmation message, please contact [email protected] via email. 

How Do I Email To Cancel Emaze Subscription?

Alternatively, you may email the Emaze Support Team at [email protected] or [email protected] if you prefer not to terminate your subscription online. 

Submit your request for cancellation via email. After reviewing your request, their staff will terminate your Emaze subscription. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is A Refund Available From Emaze?

Enaze will indeed issue a prorated refund to you. Regardless of whether you terminate your subscription during your current plan, you will receive a reimbursement within 30 days for the unused portion of your subscription. 

How Do I Communicate With the Emaze Support Staff?

Fill out this Contact Form to contact the Emaze Sales team anytime for technical or customer support inquiries. 

Their team can be reached at the following contact email address: [email protected].


In conclusion, should you no longer be interested in continuing to pay for your Emaze Subscription plan, you can independently terminate it by following the instructions in this article. 

One advantage is that upon terminating your Emaze subscription, your Emaze Account will automatically revert to the free version, which you can utilize indefinitely. 

Should any online complications arise during the cancellation process, don’t hesitate to contact their support team.

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