How Can I Cancel Kayo Subscription? Two Effective Ways!!

How Can I Cancel Kayo Subscription? Two Effective Ways!!

You purchased the Kayo subscription hastily but now possess a significantly superior subscription. You wish to terminate your Kayo subscription. 

Kayo is an Australian live sports streaming channel. Kayo broadcasts matches from the NRL, Cricket, Supercars, NBL, Golf, and additional sports. It offers a free sampling of its service before requiring a paid subscription. 

Tap the “I Agree” icon on the cancel subscription page to proceed with canceling your Kayo subscription. 

Additionally, termination via the third-party application (Apple) is feasible. Learn more about cancel Kayo by reading the complete article. 

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How Do You Cancel Your Subscription to Kayo?

You must cancel Kayo Paid Subscription before its scheduled auto-renewal date; failure to do so will result in a charge and the non-issuance of refunds. 

To cancel your Kayo subscription, you must know the billing method and whether you accessed Kayp or Apple via a login. 

The procedure for canceling a Kayo subscription differs depending on the platform from which the user is logging in. 

Cancel Kayo Subscription If Kayo Bills You

Please follow the instructions below to cancel a Kayo subscription for which Kayo handles billing. 

You should begin by visiting the Kayo website and clicking the Sign in icon. 

Following that, you will be redirected to the Streamotion Kayo Login Page. Proceed by logging into your Kayo Account.

By selecting your profile from the top, the My Account section will appear.

In the page’s footer, click the Cancel Subscription link.

Then, select “I Agree” to finalize the cancellation process.

A cancellation notification will subsequently be delivered to your email for verification.

After terminating your Kayo account, you will have access to the complimentary content available on Kayo via the Kayo Freebies page. 

Cancel Kayo Subscription If Apple Bills You Instead.

Please follow the instructions below to cancel a Kayo subscription for which Kayo handles billing. 

  • Ensure you can cancel your Apple subscription at least 24 hours before renewal. 
  • Utilize your Apple ID to access and enroll in the App Store.
  • In the upper-right corner of the display, select the Account Profile menu option.
  • Tap Subscriptions to access the page containing your active and expired subscriptions.
  • Select Kayo from the active subscriptions list.
  • Then, to affirm your cancellation, tap affirm after clicking Cancel Subscription. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can A Kayo Refund Be Obtained?

If you change your mind and decide to cancel your Kayo subscription, you will not be eligible for a refund. Refunds, including pro-rata refunds, are not permitted upon cancellation of a Kayo subscription. 

Does Kayo offer a free trial period?

Kayo does offer a complimentary seven-day trial period before requiring a paid subscription. If you do not wish to proceed with the paid subscription, please ensure that you terminate your free trial before completing the seven days. 

How Might Kayo Be Contacted?

Kayo needs a phone number to contact their personnel. To communicate with the Kayo customer service team, visit the Kayo website and utilize the Live Chat icon. 

You may submit general inquiries through email; a member of their staff will subsequently get back to you. 


You must terminate your Kayo subscription before attempting an alternative sports streaming service. 

Canceling your Kayo subscription is now a straightforward process. Feel free to contact the Kayo team for any assistance or concerns.

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