How Do I Cancel Lumen Fibre? 4 Sure Ways to Cancel!

How Do I Cancel Lumen Fibre? 4 Sure Ways to Cancel!

Enhance your work and maximize output with Lumen Fiber’s 1 Gbps high-speed internet. One can benefit from expedited downloads and a streamlined digital purchasing experience, all at reduced costs.

You have previously utilized the Lumen network and discovered a superior alternative. Should you desire to cancel, we are available to assist.

To cancel Lumen Fibre connection, dial 8553378102 to reach the customer service helpline. Here are three additional methods for canceling your plan should that fail to convince you.

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Continue reading until the end to learn the cancellation procedure in detail.

How Do I Cancel Lumen Fibre Via Email?

At this juncture, in which you have concluded to transition to an alternative internet connection, proceed with the following procedures to terminate your Lumen services.

You must submit a cancellation request via email to [email protected], addressed to Lumen customer service. Include your subscriber information, registered email address, and contact details in the email.

The service team should then be notified of the Lumen discontinuation request and await their response. The procedure typically requires three to five business days. 

How Do I Cancel Lumen Fibre On Call?

An alternative method of terminating a Lumen Fibre connection involves contacting Lumen customer care via telephone at 8553378102.

Communicate your cancellation request to the service representative and request assistance during the call. After furnishing the requisite information about your subscription, patiently await their affirmation.

You will receive a confirmation email after the service representative cancels your plan.

How Can Lumen Fibre Be Cancelled Via Our Contact Form?

You can only be concerned if the methods above produce the desired results.

Lumen provides round-the-clock consumer support via their Contact Us page. The operator-provided communication form must be completed.

You must enter your account number or distinctive EID into the form. Next, enter your name, phone number, business, and registered email address.

After entering your postal code, choose a query category from the resulting drop-down menu. Ultimately, you may provide the rationale for your cancellation and the request in the “Description of issue” field.

After accepting the provided information, select “Submit” to transmit your request. The team will contact you shortly in response to your inquiry.

How Do I Cancel Lumen Fibre Via Live Chat Online?

Live Chat is an available feature on the Lumen website that provides round-the-clock assistance from the customer service staff.

Navigate the Lumen Fibre website page to locate the Live Chat link. Enroll in the live conversation by providing your name, email address, and mobile phone number.

The representative or chatbot will then inquire about the cancellation of your account. After providing the information, await their confirmation.

As soon as the customer service team verifies the information you have provided, they will immediately terminate your subscription.

Best Lumen Fibre Alternatives.

Having terminated your Lumen Fibre subscription, the following are the most viable alternatives to this fiber connection that you may wish to consider.

  1. Xfinity

Opting for Xfinity can significantly streamline one’s life by providing a dependable internet connection, phone services, and TV connection in a single location.

In addition, one benefits from enhanced internet speed and a diverse selection of entertaining channels. Whether streaming your favorite programs, conversing with loved ones, or working from home, the service packages and Xfinity customer service make it all worthwhile.

  1. Charter Spectrum

Charter Spectrum provides an extensive selection of adaptable plans in addition to fast internet connectivity. This internet connection lets you stream television programs, play games, and utilize telecom services.

  1. Optimum by Altice

Optimum offers a combination of high-resolution internet and quality internet access to accommodate your basic requirements. Significantly enhance your digital existence with Optimim By Atice.

I have experience with Xfinity services, and they are the most suitable for your requirements. Try out these network services, therefore.


Hopefully, the methods outlined above will assist you in terminating your Lumen Fibre connection as soon as possible. Contacting Lumen customer service will provide you with superior assistance.

If you have any further inquiries concerning your Lumen subscription, please do not hesitate to contact us via the comments section below. We are delighted to assist you.

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