How Do You Cancel Romwod Subscription? Cancelling Is Easy!!

How Do You Cancel Romwod Subscription? Cancelling Is Easy!!

Your subscription to Romwod has expired, and you no longer wish to proceed with its plan. Subsequently, you must terminate your Romwod subscription before its automatic renewal. 

Pliability, formerly Romwod, is an application that caters to athletes seeking to improve their performance by consuming daily motivational and fitness videos. In addition to offering fitness features, this application also facilitates mental relaxation. 

Subscription cancellations for Romwod and Pliability can be initiated through the Pliability Account or by contacting the customer service department. Additionally, third-party cancellations are an option. 

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After this, every distress associated with the cancellation of your Romwod subscription will be resolved. 

How Do I Cancel My Subscription to Romwod?

Follow these straightforward procedures to terminate your subscription to Romwod or Pliability:

Visit the Pliability website and proceed to the Account Login page. 

When the pop-up menu appears, select your Profile.

Select the Settings option.

In the Account overview, select the Plans & Payment option.

Select the grey text “Pause or Cancel Membership” next.

After completing the procedures, cancel your subscription. 

How Do I Cancel My iTunes Pliability Subscription?

To cancel a liability subscription managed by iTunes, please follow the instructions below. 

From the iPhone.

Access the iPhone’s Settings. 

Select the Name option at the top of the preferences menu.

Select the Subscriptions link.

Pliability Subscription Selection

Select the Cancel Subscription 

From Mac.

Launch the App Store application on your Mac.

After tapping your name, navigate to Account Settings.

Then, navigate to the Subscriptions menu. Choose the Manage option.

Tap Edit next to the Pliability Subscription option.

Tap the Cancel Subscription icon to conclude. 

How Do I Cancel My Pliability Google Play Subscription?

To cancel a Pliability Subscription managed by Google Play, please follow the instructions below. 

From the computer.

Navigate to the subscriptions in Google Play from your computer.

Pliability Subscription Selection

Tap the Manage link.

Select Cancel Subscription after that.

Choose a justification for the cancellation from the pop-up menu.

Following that, select the Continue button. 

From Android.

Launch the application from the Google Play Store.

Choose the Profile option at the top.

Proceed to the Payments & Subscriptions page.

Opt for Subscriptions

Select a subscription to Pliability from the list.

Select Cancel Subscription from the menu.

Can You Cancel Your Pliability Or Romwod Subscription Via Email?

Additionally, you may contact their customer support department to terminate your subscription. Send a cancellation request via email to [email protected]

Their team will review your email as soon as they receive it, and they will make every effort to cancel your subscription. You will receive email updates regarding your cancellation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Cancel Romwod’s Free Trial?

To terminate your participation in the Romwod Free Trial, navigate to your Pliability Account and select the Cancel Free Trial link. The Cancel Free Trial option may appear instead of Pause or Cancel Membership. 

Is A Free Trial Available For Pliability?

Pliability offers a 7-day complimentary trial period before requiring a paid subscription to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

What is the cost of a Pliability subscription?

Its subscription services are available for $17.95 per month or $179 per year (billed $14.99 per month) following the completion of a free trial. 

How Can I Get In Touch With The Pliability the Team?

[email protected] is the email address for their customer service department, and the Live Chat button (bubble icon) is located in the lower-right corner of the Pliability website. 

Where Can I Find Pliability on Social Media?

The Plaibility Account is present on various social media platforms. The Pliability Team is constantly active on Twitter and Facebook as well. 


If you have become disinterested in the Pliability App and no longer wish to utilize its services, your best action is to cancel. 

Please attempt the steps mentioned above or methods to cancel your Plaibility Subscription. If they prove successful, kindly provide us with your reviews. Additionally, remove the other cancellation topic in which you require assistance.

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