How Do You Cancel SaneBox Subscription? Two Effective Techniques!

How Do You Cancel SaneBox Subscription? Two Effective Techniques!

Do you wish to make sure you get all important emails? People subscribed to SaneBox with this intention, but some are attempting to deactivate the service due to dissatisfaction. 

The service SaneBox assists you in prioritizing your email. By modifying your email settings, your SaneBox account will automatically display the most vital emails, eliminating wasting time searching for them. 

To cancel your SaneBox subscription or account, navigate to your SaneBox Account and select the Cancel My Account link. Additionally, their service team is available to assist with cancellations. 

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Pricing for SaneBox

A 14-day free trial of the SaneBox services is available to you. You will subsequently be granted access to three paid SaneBox plans: Snack, Lunch, and Dinner.  Indeed, it is pretty amusing. We hope these names appeal to you.

Let’s examine each of these three SaneBox Subscription plans individually. 

This plan lets you link a single email account to SaneBox for Snack. You are required to pay $3.49 per month for this.

Lunch: This most popular subscription plan connects at least two email accounts. You are required to pay $5.99 per month for this.

Dinner: For a monthly fee of $16.99, SaneBox enables the connection of four email accounts. 

How Can You Cancel SaneBox Account?

Proceed as follows to cancel your SaneBox account via the Internet:

  • Navigate to the SaneBox Website and enter your credentials.
  • To initiate the cancellation process, navigate to the Settings Page.
  • After selecting a reason for account cancellation, proceed to the subsequent page.
  • You will be presented with several options for resolving the issue. Canceling your account is possible by clicking the Cancel My Account icon.
  • You may delete or retain your sane folders.

Can You Cancel SaneBox Subscription Via Email?

Conversely, you may also terminate your SaneBox subscription by sending a cancellation email to [email protected] and contacting the SaneBox customer service team. 

Ensure that your email contains every information their team will need to terminate your subscription. Also, include your contact details. 

As soon as their team receives your email, they will terminate your SaneBox subscription. You will receive an email notifying you of the cancellation. 

How can SaneLater be deactivated?

SaneLater is a critical component of the SaneBox. The SaneBox operates entirely on the SaneLater. To disable notifications for specific email addresses, one may deactivate the SaneLater.

The process of deactivating your SaneLater is as follows:

  • Visit the SaneLater Page of Features.
  • You will be able to deactivate your SaneLater on that page.
  • Upon deactivating the SaneLater folder, it will be withdrawn from the email account automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions

SaneBox: Does It Offer Refunds?

To receive a complete refund in the event of dissatisfaction with the SaneBox Services, membership cancellation must be completed within 30 days of the purchase date. 

How long does the free trial of SaneBox last?

The duration of the SaneBox Free Trial is fourteen days. The use of SaneBox’s services is complimentary for fourteen days. 

How Do I Communicate With the SaneBox Support Team?

Consult the SaneBox Help Page for immediate assistance from their staff should you have any questions. 


With this, the article concludes, and we sincerely hope that the time you spend perusing it will be well-spent. We make every effort to provide accurate information regarding the cancellation of your SaneBox subscription.

Implement the steps mentioned in their current form to cancel SaneBox subscription successfully. Remember to inform us of your experience.

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