How To Cancel Stable Diffusion Subscription?

How To Cancel Stable Diffusion Subscription?

Are you growing weary of generating images on the Stable Diffusion platform and would like to experiment with a different one? Well!! You will learn how to cancel Stable Diffusion subscription in this article; you can then proceed with your exploration of the new service. 

By generating free images with the Stable Diffusion service, you can begin using it without cost. Simply provide an example of the type of image you wish to generate and select the Generate Image button; the image will be produced in seconds. Visit the website for Stable Diffusion in order to produce the image without cost. 

To cancel Stable Diffusion subscription, please contact their customer support team via cancellation email. 

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Stable Pricing for Diffusion

The Stable Diffusion Platform is available for free use. To access the benefits of its paid subscription plans, however, you must subscribe to the platform’s paid plan to generate an unlimited number of images. 

The pricing plans for Stable Diffusion subscriptions are detailed in the table below. 

Stable Diffusion Plan Monthly Subscription Cost Yearly Subscription Cost
Basic Plan $9 $90
Standard Plan $49 $490
Premium Plan $149 $1599

How Can A Stable Diffusion Subscription Be Cancelled?

Unless you cancel, all Stable Diffusion subscription plans (monthly or annual) renew automatically. 

Canceling the Stable Diffusion Subscription is exclusively possible by transmitting a written notice to their customer service team via email at [email protected]

Your subscription will be canceled as soon as their team receives your cancellation email; you will subsequently receive a confirmation message from them confirming the cancellation. 

Your Stable Diffusion Account is subsequently downgraded to its complimentary tier. Your paid subscription to this platform will be terminated, and you will be granted access solely to its gratis features. 

How Does One Cancel Stable Diffusion Account?

You must notify their support staff of your decision to terminate your Stable Diffusion account at least 15 days before the expiration of your subscription period. 

To submit a request to deactivate your account, please get in touch with [email protected] via email. Your Stable Diffusion Account will be permanently terminated by this request. 

All content and data associated with your Stable Diffusion Account will be deleted, and you will have no access to its features (not the free version). 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a refund possible through Stable Diffusion?

There is no refund policy in place, even if the subscription is terminated amid its term. Refunds are exclusively available for subscription cancellations made within twenty-four hours of the purchase date. 

How Do I Contact Customer Service at Stable Diffusion?

You can contact the Stable Diffusion service team via Discourse Server or by emailing [email protected].


Despite being among the most effective AI Platform tools for producing lifelike images, Stable Diffusion has many users who wish to terminate their paid subscription and continue using the software exclusively in its free version. 

Follow these steps to terminate your account or subscription. If uncertain, please reach out to the Stable Diffusion Team. 

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