How Can I Cancel The Athletic Subscription?

How Can I Cancel The Athletic Subscription?

The Athletic Subscription is typically purchased to obtain the most recent news regarding their preferred sport. However, you must obtain the necessary information to continue using its services.  

How Can I Cancel The Athletic Subscription? The Atletic is an internet-based platform that offers a comprehensive range of sports-related news through its paid subscription model. You may terminate at any time without penalty.

To cancel the Athletic Subscription, navigate to the settings section of your Athletic Account. The steps for canceling a subscription that was purchased through iTunes or Google are detailed in this article. 

How Does One Cancel The Athletic Subscription?

If you wish to cancel your Athletic Subscription, you must recall the location from which you acquired it. 

Special attention must be paid to the Merchant Details associated with your Athletic Subscription. The following is a compendium of merchant information. 

The subscription was acquired from the website. It was also purchased from iTunes (iOS).

The subscription was acquired from Google (Android).

How Can I Cancel My Athletic Website Subscription?

Sign in to your Athletic Account via the Athletic website.

Tap “Your Account” from the Athletic Account menu.

Navigate to the Subscriptions section and select the Cancel Subscription button.

To finish the process of canceling, adhere to the brief instructions displayed on-screen. 

How can I cancel my Athletic subscription on iOS?

Cancellation of an in-app-purchased subscription is possible through the Athletic application or the iOS Settings. The procedures for both are outlined below. 

Subscription Cancellation for The Athletic App

To accomplish this, launch The Athletic application on your iOS device.

You must then navigate to the “Account” pane and select your Name from the top of the screen.

Proceed by selecting Manage Subscriptions and navigating to the Settings page.

After selecting Athletic Subscription, click Cancel. 

IOS Subscription Cancellation

Apply the configurations to your iOS device.

Then, select the Athletic Subscription from the Subscriptions section by tapping the Apple ID. 

Ultimately, select the Cancel Subscription option. 

How Do I Cancel My Android Athletic Subscription?

Android subscriptions are only cancellable through the Google Play Store application.

Launch the Google Play Store application. 

Click the Subscriptions link.

After selecting the Athletic Subscription from the list, tap Cancel.

To terminate your athletic subscription, please get in touch with our support staff.

Contacting the Athletic Support Team is an alternative method of canceling a subscription. Please submit the Athletic Request Form to the appropriate team to cancel your subscription. 

Respond to the questions as instructed and fill out the form. Once you have completed it, submit it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Athletic Refund Available?

Undoubtedly not. You may terminate your Athletic subscription at any time; however, there will be no refunds, regardless of whether you continue to use the service. 

How Much Is The Athletic Subscription?

Athletic will provide you with an annual subscription for $35.99 for the initial four years. The cost of a subscription will increase to $71.99 in the future. 

How Can Customer Service At The Athletic Be Contacted?

Contact the Athletic customer support team at your discretion via the Support above Form, which you may complete and submit. For any commercial inquiries, please get in touch with the Athletic via email at [email protected].


We sincerely trust that our information is unambiguous and accurate and that the Athletic’s cancellation procedure will be understood. 

If anything remains to be resolved or you have any inquiries regarding your subscription, don’t hesitate to contact the customer service team at Athletic. Please inform us in the comment section if you require assistance canceling additional subscriptions.

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