3 Easy Ways To Cancel Vanity Fair Subscription

3 Easy Ways To Cancel Vanity Fair Subscription

If you find reading the same types of articles in Vanity Fair magazine tedious, it may be time to cancel your subscription and reconsider your magazine preferences.

The publication Vanity Fair is based in the United States. These publications contain current events, cultural and fashion-related articles. In addition to its print subscription, its digital subscription service provides access to its content.

To cancel Vanity Fair subscription, please access your Vanity Fair Account or contact their customer support department for assistance.

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What are the potential procedures for terminating the Vanity Fair subscription? Along with additional inquiries, this article will respond to this query.

Step 1: How Do You Cancel Your Vanity Fair Subscription?

You may terminate your Vanity Fair subscription by accessing your Account via the Vanity Fair website and locating the cancellation instructions.

To cancel  Vanity Fair subscription, navigate to your account and click the Cancel Subscription icon.

Step 2 – Cancel Vanity Fair Subscription Over The Phone?

An alternative approach to communicating your subscription cancellation request to the Vanity Fair Team is to utilize their customer service number, which can be reached at 800-365-0635.

Request that a member of their staff terminate your subscription by providing them with your account information. After completing the identity verification process, your Vanity Fair subscription will be terminated.

Step 3: Via email, cancel your Vanity Fair subscription.

Canceling a Vanity Fair subscription through email is an incredibly straightforward procedure. Follow these steps to submit an email cancellation. 

In an email, please explicitly state your intention to terminate the Vanity Fair Subscription.

In the email body, include all subscription information and your contact details.

Once the composition is complete, please deliver it to the Vanity Fair Email Address, which is [email protected].

Then, a member of their staff will promptly respond to your email and will undoubtedly assist you in terminating your subscription.

Print magazine subscription cancellation will promptly take effect upon cancellation of your subscription, and you will no longer receive deliveries of your print magazines.

You may continue utilizing your Digital Access subscription service until your current billing cycle ends.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Unsubscribe from Vanity Fair Temporarily?

Indeed, for one month, you may cancel or suspend your Vanity Fair subscription anytime. Contact their customer service department and provide the necessary information to request a subscription halt.

How Can Customer Service At Vanity Fair Be Contacted?

When they require assistance from their staff, the Vanity Fair customer service department is consistently available to support them. To contact Vanity Fair customer service, please dial 800-365-0635 or email [email protected]

Is a subscription to Vanity Fair priced at?

For a $15 fee, new consumers will receive a Vanity Fair subscription granting them access to print and digital magazines. Your subscription will be automatically renewed for $29.99 after one year.

Which Alternatives Are Most Valuable To Vanity Fair?

You are welcome to sample the magazine subscription services of Harper’s BAZAAR, Vogue, and Homes and Gardens after terminating your Vanity Fair subscription.


We trust that the methods for canceling a Vanity Fair subscription discussed in this article’s preceding section have completely satisfied you. Cancellation may be executed through any of the following methods. If you are experiencing difficulties with the online cancellation process, your best action is to contact customer service.

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