How To Cancel Very Order? Policy on Cancellations and Returns!!

How To Cancel Very Order? Policy on Cancellations and Returns!!

Require cancellation or return of your Very Order? Your child may have placed an order from your Very Account in error, and you need help canceling very order. 

Not to worry! We have addressed the subject of cancellation in the article for today. We shall proceed forward. 

Nearly everything is available for purchase at Very. Indeed, Very is an e-commerce platform that provides online transactions encompassing a wide range of products, including sports equipment, electrical goods, cosmetic merchandise, gifts, jewelry, and designer and fashionable apparel for both men and women. 

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You can cancel your Very Order through the Recent Orders tab in your Account or by contacting their customer service department to inquire about the cancellation procedure. 

How Does One Cancel Very Order?

Proceed as follows to terminate your Very Order:

  • Enter your credentials to access your Very Account.
  • Navigate to the My Account page.
  • Select the Recent Orders link.
  • Locate the order that you wish to cancel and click Cancel Item. 
  • You will receive confirmation via a message that your order has been successfully canceled. 

How Do I Cancel An Order Via Their Support Team?

One may utilize the “Very Assistant” function accessible through their Account to initiate communication with the service team and request that the order be canceled. 

Logging into your Very Account is required to access this feature, and you can pose inquiries to the Very Assistant at any moment, as it is accessible around the clock. 

Please be reassured if the inquiry pertains to order cancellation and fails to respond. Afterwards, their Customer Service Team will respond to your inquiry regarding order cancellation. 

Contact the Very Customer Care Team directly at 0800 11 00 00, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 6 pm, and Saturday, 9 am to 4 pm. Request a contact with a team member and request that they cancel the order. 

How Does One Return Very Order? Very Return Policy

You may return your Very Order in its original condition within 28 days of receipt. Please adhere to the subsequent instructions to initiate the return process for your Very Order. 

  • Navigate to your account via the login page.
  • Proceed to the Returns subsection.
  • Navigate to “My Orders” in the Very App.
  • Select the products to be returned.
  • Justify the return of the items.
  • Tap the icon labeled Confirm Selection.
  • Choose Yodal or Royal Mail as your return method.
  • Select the Arrange Return option. 
  • Tapping “Create your label” after selecting “Copy your account number.”
  • Produce a label and QR Code. Ensure that your account number and email address are entered accurately in this step to generate a flawless QR code and label, facilitating the refund process. 
  • You will be notified via email by Yodal or Royal Mail regarding the status of your return.
  • Deliver the package that has been returned to Yodal Place.
  • Always ensure that you have your return substantiation with you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Could One Obtain A Refund From Very?

Very will provide you with a complete refund for any returned items you successfully ship back within twenty-eight days of acquisition. 

How Do I Communicate With Very Customer Service?

You can communicate with their team through the account’s Very Assistant. Their customer service department can be reached at 0800 11 00 00. 


Very must be an excellent marketplace for any product, but alarm is unnecessary if you inadvertently rendered something from it. To cancel your Very Order, please follow the instructions outlined above. 

If you cannot rescind your order, you must return it.

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