How Can I Cancel Zwift Order and Membership?

How Can I Cancel Zwift Order and Membership?

You have obtained a Zwift membership but have decided to stop using the platform after a few days. What are your subsequent actions? Well!! The only requirement is to cancel Zwift membership. 

Zwift is an online multiplayer cycling game where you and your friends can compete to add exhilaration and enjoyment to your lives through a virtual cycling competition. Additionally, you may purchase cycling products from Zwift. 

Online cancellation of a Zwift membership or account is possible through the user’s account. Terminating an account on an iPhone encompasses various stages, which will be elaborated upon in this article. 

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Can You Cancel Zwift Membership?

Your Zwift membership can indeed be terminated at any time. Your Zwift Membership will be automatically renewed each month once it expires. It is preferable to terminate the membership before the new subscription month commences. 

How Are Zwift Memberships Canceled?

By following these procedures, you can terminate your Zwift membership. 

  • Navigate to the Zwift Website and enter your credentials.
  • Select the Membership option by hovering over the display.
  • Include a valid justification for your membership cancellation.
  • Tap the Membership Cancellation option.

By following these steps, it is possible to terminate your Zwift membership. Before or following the cancellation of a membership, a frequently asked query pertains to whether or not the data will remain on the account following the cancellation process.

Well!! Indeed, the answer is affirmative. Therefore, if you terminate your Zwift membership, it will be reinstated after the currency invoicing cycle, and any advancements made will remain intact. 

Your progress will remain intact if you choose to reactivate your account later. This includes completed rides, earned points, completed exercise rounds, followers, and the following list.

From the date following the reactivation of your subscription, your monthly invoicing cycle will resume. All prior work will be preserved, and the user can continue from the current location. 

How do I cancel my Zwift subscription on my iPhone?

To terminate your Zwift subscription from iTunes, please adhere to the subsequent instructions. 

  • Activate the iPhone’s settings.
  • Select either your name or Apple ID.
  • Opt for Subscriptions
  • Select A Swift Subscription
  • Tap Cancel Subscription after that. 

How Do You Delete Your Zwift Account?

Additionally, you may completely deactivate your Zwift account. Immediately upon deleting the account, the subscription is terminated. Your account and all accomplishments are deleted. 

Zwift will delete all your assignments and Account Registration, financial, and device information within thirty days of receiving your deletion request, per their Privacy Policy. 

In conclusion, deactivating your account will delete all associated information. Furthermore, should you decide to revisit Zwift, you must create a new account and begin the entire progress process anew. 

Follow the Delete Your Zwift Account instructions on the page to remove your Zwift account. 

How Are Zwift Orders Canceled?

We regret to inform you that once an order has been placed with Zwift, it is impossible to cancel it, even if you are not entirely satisfied with the product or wish to terminate it before its delivery. 

However, if the order is delivered, you have thirty days from receipt to initiate a return. 

Visit the Order Return Page to commence the return procedure. Navigate to the link provided. A Live Chat window will become visible. Enter the inquiry: “How do I return the order?” Subsequently, they will inquire about your product and furnish you with the answer necessary to cancel the order. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Stop Your Zwift Membership?

Previously, users could temporarily suspend their Zwift membership or account for eight weeks. However, this feature has been discontinued. 

It indicates that you cannot suspend your Zwift account at this time. Terminating the subscription and canceling the Zwift account are the most effective actions. 

Can A Zwift Refund Be Obtained?

A pro-rata refund is available if you wish to cancel your Zwift membership. Except for return orders, however, a refund is not guaranteed. This determination is entirely up to the Zwift Team. 

Inquire with the Zwift Support Team regarding your refund. 

Is There An Available Free Trial of Zwift?

Zwift does provide a 14-day complimentary trial period. After fourteen days, you will be redirected to the paid plan automatically. 

How Can Zwift Customer Service Be Contacted?

You can establish communication with their Support Team via their Online Chat function. Follow their team’s activity on Twitter. 


Without a doubt! All uncertainties on the cancellation, deletion, or halting of your Zwift account should be resolved at this moment. Well!! There is no permission to pause at that time. Therefore, simply make your choice and proceed with the steps as mentioned earlier for cancellation or deletion.

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