Change of address on search console now available – official announcement by Google

Google announced that the Address change tool was added to Google’s new interface. Address change had already been available in the old Search Console, but was not migrated when the old interface was shut down by Google.

What is this domain change all about?

This tool is a method to tell Google that your website has changed to a new address. Google says that if you move your page from one domain or subdomains into another, you may “utilise the Address Change tool: for example, from to or” Google informs about your shift and helps to migrate your search outcomes from your old site to your fresh website.

Following is a screenshot of what the address migration will look in your search console. You can access it in the settings section.

The shift of address tool is one of the key methods used by SEOs and webmasters when moving a site from one URL to another. It enables Google to make changes quicker and enables site owners transmit the changes that have happened. Now that it has moved to the fresh interface, the public no longer requires to care about Google discarding off this feature — it’s now in the fresh environment, with the fresh logo.

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