China wants Afghan Taliban reform before full diplomatic relations.

China wants Afghan Taliban reform before full diplomatic relations.

China stated on Tuesday that to obtain complete diplomatic recognition, the Taliban government in Afghanistan would be required to implement political reforms, enhance security, and restore relations with neighboring countries. China wants Afghan Taliban reform before full diplomatic relations.

Although the two nations have maintained diplomatic relations and exchanged ambassadors, Beijing does not officially acknowledge the Taliban regime in Afghanistan.

“China has always believed that Afghanistan should not be excluded from the international community,” Wang Wenbin, a spokesman for the foreign ministry, said on Tuesday in response to a question regarding whether China would recognize the Taliban government.

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He stated, “We expect Afghanistan to further meet the international community’s expectations by establishing an inclusive and transparent political system and executing moderate and stable domestic and foreign policies.”

Wang further stated that China urged Kabul to “immediately integrate with the international community, live in harmony with all nations around the world, particularly its neighbors, and resolutely combat all forms of terrorist forces.”

He added, “Diplomatic recognition of the Afghan government will inevitably ensue as the concerns of all parties are met with more robust responses.”

Official recognition of the Taliban government by any nation has been absent since they assumed power after the disorderly withdrawal of United States troops in August 2021.

Beijing and Kabul have, nevertheless, maintained some ties.

In exchange for the assurances made by Afghanistan’s new leaders that the nation will not serve as a militant stronghold, China has committed to providing economic assistance and investment for the reconstruction efforts.

In a position paper on Afghanistan published this year, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated it “respects the Afghan people’s independent decisions, as well as their national customs and religious beliefs.”

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