Christina Denali coaches and mentors women in their startups

Christina Denali
Christina Denali

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caught the entire world in it grip. Apart from the fatalities and medical casualties, it has also made a deep impact on the work life of people. People have lost their jobs and sources of income have either depleted or completely stopped. Christina Denali has been instrumental in helping women start an grow their business. In the past 12 months a steep rise in women business owners has been recorded. This has been largely due to most women being asked to leave their jobs. Christina Denali says that women have been forced to think of alternate sources of income and have tried their hand at business. Some of these were the women who circumvented the limitations of “corporate America.”

Christina Denali
                              Christina Denali

Most of the female business owners were faced with challenges like initial funding, competition and the saturated market space. Such women, lacked the skills of entrepreneurship, marketing and sales. Christina Denali says this is the time that coaches and mentors like her need to step in. Christina has a successful track record of imparting step by step guidance to first time women business owners. She coaches them in branding, marketing and monetizing their products. She undertakes a 12-week business accelerator programme which goes into every detail of entrepreneurship and guides the candidate accordingly. 

Christina’s expertise in consulting spans more than 15 years. Her expertise has been used to guide start ups as well as multi-million-dollar corporations. She has witnessed how women want to give up when they see that their funds are dwindling and they have failed in client acquisition. Her guidance prevents them from being overwhelmed and stops them from quitting and giving up. A unique aspect of Christina’s coaching are her customized plans that are client specific and very effective.

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