Rumors: CM Punk coming back to WWE on Fox.

Only days ago, former WWE Superstar CM Punk visited FOX Studios to try out a possible role for the upcoming WWE show on FS1, WWE Backstage. Wrestling Observer Radio’s latest update on the same thing states that the trial went well and Punk is likely to receive an offer to be part of the show.

Looking at the rich and well-established history of pro wrestling, one would find a number of instances of wrestlers who had returned to the company, even though things had been sour between the two parties for a long time. Bret Hart and The Ultimate Warrior were two legends that no one had ever imagined would ever return to WWE, but Hart re-established relations with Vince McMahon and was introduced to the Hall of Fame in 2014.

For over five years, CM Punk has been gone from WWE and fants had lost all the hope that he would be back in company. Here is some encouraging news for the fans. FOX Studios recently tested a former WWE Champion with an attendee, Renee Young a former RAW announcer.

Rumor has it that the tryout went well, and we could just see Punk getting an offer to join the show in the coming days. The series will be taped by FOX on a weekly basis, so technically speaking, Punk will work for FOX, and not WWE, if he gets the job. WWE Backstage will be premiered on Tuesday, November 5th, and will be co-hosted by Renee Young and WWE Hall of Famer Booker T.

Written by Bryan Chole

Bryan Chole, born and raised in the New Orleans, LA, was a freelance writer before shifting permanently to entertainment blogging where he now works at a SaaS-based company. He loves blogging about movies, shows, Netflix, streaming hacks and everything related to entertainment.

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