Designers, and Planners: Unraveling the Secrets of Wedding Venue Decoration

Design Your Wedding Venue With a Professional Wedding Decorator

A wedding decorator or designer is a creative professional with design training and expertise who can help you plan the design elements of your wedding for your specific venue. Usually, a wedding designer partners with your wedding planner and florist to bring your vision to life on your big day.  From floral arrangements and drapery to lighting and props, wedding decorators have the skills and resources to transform a venue into a captivating space that reflects your unique style and personality.

But this full-service option comes at a cost, so you’ll have to consider whether you have room in your budget to hire a wedding decorator. And remember, most wedding planners do not include decorating as part of their service package; however, many planners have designers or production teams they can recommend.

Choose a Day-Of Coordinator

Design Your Wedding Venue With a Professional Wedding Decorator

If your wedding involves a simpler setup, a day-of coordinator may be just what you need. Unlike a professional wedding decorator, a day-of coordinator is more of a generalist. They have experience managing and organizing weddings and may be experts for a specific venue or several venues within a specific region. 

Using design and styling principles, your day-of coordinator can help create a stunning experience for your special day. You won’t have to worry about coordinating decorations, as the day-of coordinator will take care of that for you. Plus, the coordinator will have access to an extensive network of local vendors to help you find just the right look for your wedding venue

Ask Your On-Site Venue Team

Ask Your On-Site Venue Team

Many wedding venues have dedicated staff members specializing in event planning and decoration. And they understand the layout and logistics of the venue. Your venue may offer different décor packages or work with external vendors to create a customized ambiance based on your preferences. Plus, venue staff may be able to help with everything from setting up the tables and chairs to arranging centerpieces and lighting. 

Before worrying about when to drop off your centerpieces and who will set up the lighting, talk with your venue. Some venues will look after everything, while others may be less hands-on. 

Smoke Signals, a charming wedding venue in Lake Placid on Mirror Lake, includes items like tables, chairs, linens, and any flatware, cutlery, chafing dishes, and serving equipment needed for your wedding. And their on-site staff have experience setting up and breaking down wedding events.

Here are some questions to ask your wedding venue about the decor set-up:

  • When will we have access to the room?
  • What time will the tables be set up and ready to decorate?
  • When can we drop our décor items off, and who will be there to take them?
  • Will anyone be helping with set-up, and if so, when and how can we instruct them on what we want?
  • Are we allowed to hang decorations or lights on the walls or ceiling?
  • Are there rules about the take-down and how long you can store our items?
  • Will there be events in our room the day before or after our wedding?

Enlist Help From Friends and Family

Enlist Help From Friends and Family

If you don’t have room in your budget for a wedding decorator or day-of coordinator, consider asking friends and family to help. It can help you save money and make your wedding more intimate with decor that has your friends and family’s personal touch. And DIY decorations have become very popular, with loved ones lending a helping hand in creating handmade centerpieces, signage, or photo booths. This collaborative effort helps make your special day even more meaningful.

If you do ask friends to help you, you may need to lower your expectations a bit. You’ll have to do more of the planning and act as the project manager to make sure everything is taken care of on time!  Though you may save some money, delegating this task to friends and family may add even more stress. Make sure you trust the people you ask to help so you’ll feel good about them executing your vision for your wedding venue. 

A DIY Wedding to Remember

A budget-friendly wedding doesn’t mean you have to skimp on your dream wedding decorations. For example, you can use items from your home like decorative pillows and blankets, chairs and rugs. And these items may have even more meaning for you and your guests because they truly represent your style as a couple.

You can also repurpose decor items from your ceremony for your reception. You’ll save time and money when your reuse elements like seating and backdrops. And when it comes to centerpieces, let your imagination run wild. You don’t have to follow any specific rules. Just pick a cohesive color palette and get creative. 

And finally, here’s a DIY tip that will help you create a dreamy setting with simple lighting. 

Lighting can really transform a space, which is a big advantage in decorating on a budget. Whether your wedding reception will be taking place outside or inside, you can instantly add elegant and warm touches by strategically hanging twinkle lights. 

No matter who decorates, you want to tailor your wedding decorations to fit your style and make your wedding venue a reflection of your love story and individuality. So, whether you decide to hire professionals or enlist the help of loved ones, the most important thing is to create a space that celebrates your union in a way that is truly special and meaningful to you. 7 Tips for makeup artists to grow their business

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