Digipreneur Jordon Franze devises strategies to minimize ad spend wastage and maximize various digital opportunities

Jordon Franze
Jordon Franze

A modern rising trend is that of the professional success of youngsters from all across the world, making headlines. In keeping with this emerging trend, a 23-year-old entrepreneur from Australia, Jordon Franze has revolutionized sales in the digital world by introducing Kaizen Conversion. The digital world has boomed and attracted young talent and as compared to many other fields. 

Jordon Franze Managing Director of Kaizen Conversion, a company that deals in CRO or conversion rate optimization, has established itself as a leader in the digital world. Jordon Franze uses his expertise to build and scale up companies by employing effective digital strategies. Jordon Franze is from Adelaide. Australia and had always aspired for a career where he would get a chance to learn, evolve and improve as a professional. His aim was to come up with effective solutions and strategies for people that would add immense value and improve businesses.

Jordon Franze
                                      Jordon Franze

The spirit of entrepreneurship reared its head at a very young age for Jordon Franze. While still in primary school he started work by selling homemade widgets. By the age of 14 he started his first successful business which was in the server hosting market and which within a year he sold for $4,000. 

Jordon Franze then entered the sales field and at the age of 16 became the number 1 salesperson in terms of profit and revenue for a commercial IT Business. He was the youngest in his company’s history to have reached those sales figures and numbers.

Jordan encountered many failures and difficulties on the road to success, but he overcame them with his hard work and determination to succeed. Jordan then went on to master the art of helping companies minimize their ad spends. He created strategies and solutions such as – marketing automation, post-click optimization, advanced user behaviour analysis, and much more. His expertise saw him working with reputed global brands like Bodytrim, Groupon, Appster and Leadpages, 

The success story of Jordan Franze has been a source of inspiration for budding entrepreneurs and continues to inspire them!

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