Elvisa Dedic harboured the dream of becoming a brand rather than just aspiring to wear them

Elvisa Dedic
Elvisa Dedic

Elvisa Dedic is a complete success package. She wears several caps, including those of an entrepreneur, a fashion model, and a social media influencer. Elvisa Dedic has established her own makeup brand and is also associated as the face of and brand ambassador of many other reputed brands. She is popular and in the public eye as an epitome of success. 

Recognizing the importance of social media in modern times, she has created an extremely good social media online presence. Her Instagram account is under her username @elvisa. Elvisa Dedic is active on Instagram and treats her 787k followers to frequent posts and story updates. Currently, she has 750 posts.

Although she is currently residing in the USA, she was born in Bosnia, Herzegovina, Balkans on October 16th, 1995.

Elvisa Dedic
Elvisa Dedic

Success came early in life to her, through her hard work and determination. Her line of fashion make up ElvisaCosmetics.com, was very recently established. It was launched this month in July 2021. This venture of hers gained immediate popularity. Her products are a combination of luxury items, bath bombs, a variety of brushes, all available in different sizes, shapes, and colors to cater to the specific demands of a diverse set of customers.

Elvisa is well educated and is a degree holder. She has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Northern Florida, in criminal psychology. She realized that she was also passionate about fashion and hence diverted her career path to the fashion industry.

As an influencer, she has endorsed reputed brands like – Giti which is a clothing brand, Fashion Nova, and many more. She is a brand ambassador of the first brand that she was associated with “Pretty Little Things.”

Elvisa Dedic endeavors to remain connected with her fans and followers through her social media with her regular updates.

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