Has an Israeli model replaced Bella Hadid at Dior?

Has an Israeli model replaced Bella Hadid at Dior?

The brand has been criticized online after rumors surfaced that the luxury fashion house Dior had substituted Israeli model May Tager for Palestinian-American model and longtime brand ambassador Bella Hadid in its most recent advertising campaign. Has an Israeli model replaced Bella Hadid at Dior?” Boycott Dior” quickly became a prominent topic on X (previously called Twitter), where users deluged the platform with messages.

The news arrives over a month after the assault on Israel, allegedly carried out by Hamas agents, in which Jerusalem estimated the loss of life to exceed 1,400 individuals. In retaliation, Israel has launched a significant offensive against Hamas-controlled Gaza.

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What caused the controversy?

Yeni Safak of Turkey was the first to disclose the news, which was subsequently picked up by a regional Israeli newspaper. An immediate backlash ensued on social media platforms, with users voicing apprehensions regarding Dior’s departure from Ms. Hadid.

Constantly vocal in her support for the Palestinian cause and criticism of Israeli policies, the supermodel has never lost her notoriety. Dior has been her representative since 2016.

The brand and Ms. Hadid, whose father is Palestinian, have not yet stated her purported replacement.

May Tager, who is she?

A renowned model, the 24-year-old has appeared for numerous international labels, including Giorgio Armani, Louis Vuitton, Victoria’s Secret, and many others.

Ynet News reports that she was raised in Ganei Tikva, Israel, where her parents had relocated from Denmark.

Ms. Tager appeared in a series of Instagram posts from the previous week that claimed she was the subject of Dior’s new holiday campaign advertisement.

How did social media respond to the purported change?

Critics on X lambasted the upscale fashion house, highlighting its affiliation with the recently embroiled Johnny Depp. Some said they would reconsider their luxury purchases in light of the decision.

“The fact that Dior still gives the wife-beater Johnny Depp a platform but cuts off ties with Bella Hadid & instead employs an is*eli despite everything that has happened this past month just tells you everything about that brand,” according to a user.

“Boycott every brand under LVMH, including Dior (if you have the money),” stated a different person.

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