Food Here’s How Much You Can Buy for $30 in Different Countries

It’s no secret that travelling will cost you money – from flights and hotels to transportation, and of course, FOOD. Yes, it can be hard to afford all the mouth-watering, delicious and amazing food a country has to offer. However, if you plan your trip in a smart way, you can eat like a horse without breaking the bank just about anywhere in the world! 

To help my travel buddies out, I did extensive research and compiled a list of countries where you can easily have dinner with just $30 in your pocket. Keep in mind, this excludes both tip and tax! So, let’s get started then, shall we?  

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Food in Spain

You can enjoy a full dinner for $30 at a cheap restaurant in Spain. If not that, you could opt for something more traditional in a tapas bar and sip some local wine while you’re filling yourself to the brim.

Indian Food

In India, local restaurants are the best places to grab a bite as they offer a variety of cuisines at extremely affordable prices. Also, the food is cooked in far more hygienic conditions there. However, you’ll even find expensive restaurants offering their meals to travelers at really good prices. With $30 in your pocket, you can have dinner for several people with ease. 


Since Switzerland is one of Europe’s most expensive countries, $30 will only get you an entrée and a cup of coffee. But if you’re looking for something more nutritious, why not try out the many Turkish, Italian and Chinese diners there? 

Food in Mexica

If you want to eat well for little money in Mexico, all you have to do is go to restaurants that are off the beaten path. Here you’ll find the food to be priced very low, so you can order and enjoy any of Mexico’s spiced meat dishes and a few rounds of margaritas for $30. 

Japan and their Japanese Food

The Japanese are known for their delicious miso soup, filling rice dishes as well as local fresh fish. Their cuisine is extremely popular among both Western and Eastern tourists as the food is tasty and not very spicy. Although most restaurants in Japan are top-notch with one Michelin Star, your $30 can still go a long way, especially if you love seafood. 


Tourists in Greece are welcomed with delicious food and exquisite taste. The portions are large and filling, while the prices are quite low, particularly in non-touristy taverns and restaurants. You can get a cup of coffee, kabobs, some salad, a pasta dish, clams and shawarma, all just for $30! 


Italian cuisine is widely regarded as one of the best in the world, but indulging in its specialities won’t cost you too much money. That’s right! You can order a pizza, two pasta dishes and a bottle of wine with just $30. The trick is to search for pizzerias, osterias and home trattorias with checkered tablecloths in the less-traveled areas. 


In Australia, you can have a hearty and filling dinner of a burger, salad, soup and a drink for $30 at most restaurants. Note that plenty of restaurants there will let you bring your own bottle (BYOB), so having dinner in such places should help in keeping those costs down even further. 


Canada is a large country, and therefore it doesn’t come as a surprise that every part of it is diverse in terms of cuisine. Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal all are drastically different when it comes to the style of food and their prices. However, you can treat your taste buds with a pizza, steak and a drink for $30 if you dine at a family restaurant.


Not only is the cuisine in Jamaica exotic and diverse, but also it won’t break your bank. You can have a full meal, along with gourmet seafood, at most middle-class restaurants – that’s twice the amount of food for $30 compared to European restaurants! 


You thought Greece was low-priced, but you won’t believe what you can get for $30 in Macedonia. The cuisine is simple, delicious, filling and the most inexpensive in Europe. As such, you can easily have a hearty meal with large portions accompanied by various cheeses and bread at any restaurant. 


Vacationing in France can be quite expensive, but let’s face it – their cuisine is too exquisite and famous to be ignored. While dinner in Paris will definitely cost you money, your $30 can go a long way if you head to a good, non-touristy restaurant in a smaller town. 

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