How Are Astria AI Subscriptions Canceled? 3 Ways To Cancel

How Are Astria AI Subscriptions Canceled? 3 Ways To Cancel

Should you have previously utilized the Astria AI Platform and now wish to terminate your subscription. After that, this guide will inform you of the most effective procedures for canceling your Astria AI subscription. 

Astria is currently included in the roster of AI-image generator platforms. This platform generates high-quality images and videos from your text. Explore this platform in its entirety on the Astria website.

How Are Astria AI Subscriptions Canceled? To cancel your Astria AI subscription, please contact their support team through one of the following channels: Discord, Twitter, or email. 

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To obtain information regarding their social media handles and email addresses, please peruse this article in its entirety. Therefore, let us begin with the Astria cancellation methods. 

Astria AI Costs

Is Astria AI provided free of charge? No, the Astria AI Platform is not available for unrestricted use. Access to Astria’s services requires the purchase of a subscription in accordance with Fine-Tune or Prompt. 

The cost of the Astria AI subscription is as follows. 

$1.50 per Fine Tune 8 Image for the AI Model; $0.10 per Prompt Video; $0.40 per 100 Frames

How Do I Email Astria AI To Cancel My Subscription?

  • Simply adhere to these instructions to terminate your Astria AI subscription via email. 
  • You may notify the service staff of your intention to cancel your Astria AI subscription through email. 
  • Launch the Gmail application on your desktop or mobile device.
  • Include the subject line “Request to cancel the subscription” in an appropriate email template for cancellations. 
  • Incorporate your desire to terminate the subscription into the email’s body.
  • Include your contact information and subscription details.
  • This cancellation email should be sent to [email protected]

How Do I Cancel My Subscription To Astria AI Through Discord?

Alternatively, you may terminate your Astria AI subscription by communicating with their support staff via Discord. 

A member of their staff will contemplate the cancellation of your subscription and proceed with the cancellation on your behalf. 

How do I cancel my subscription to Astria AI via Twitter?

Thirdly, you may terminate your Astria AI subscription by communicating with their customer service team via Twitter.

The customer service department of Astria is comparatively active on Twitter. Twitter allows you to communicate directly with their support staff regarding the cancellation of your subscription. 

They will inquire about your subscription via text messages before ultimately requesting that you terminate your Astria subscription. 

How Can Customer Service At Astria Be Contacted?

Do not harbor any inquiries or apprehensions concerning the Astria service. For immediate assistance with any inquiries, please reach out to the Astria Customer Support Service team via brief email at [email protected]

Additionally, the Astria service team is active on Twitter and Discord.


In conclusion, excellent! Based on our investigation, the aforementioned three methods are the most effective for canceling your Astria AI subscription. We do trust that you will find them to be advantageous as well. 

Whether you wish to cancel your subscription or have another concern, you can reach their support staff through any of the following channels to have the matter resolved.

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