How Can Chef’s Plate Be Cancelled?

How Can Chef's Plate Be Cancelled?

Our meal preferences and dietary selections continue to evolve in response to the ever-evolving global landscape. Members of Chefs Plate who desire to cancel their subscription can do so at any time by following a few straightforward steps.

Chefs Plate is a Toronto-based organization that offers expedited meal kit delivery in under thirty minutes. You may select recipes from the weekly menu and receive doorstep delivery of the recipes and fresh ingredients. It significantly reduces your time commitment and eliminates the necessity of visiting the grocery store.

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How Can Chef’s Plate Be Cancelled? To cancel your Chefs Plate subscription, please contact the organization at (855) 420-2327. We completely understand if you are contemplating canceling your subscription for any reason, including dissatisfaction with the cuisine or service. 

Further information on how to terminate your Chefs Plate subscription can be found in the following article.  

How Can Chef’s Plate Be Cancelled Online?

One may forego meals during a designated interval by accessing the menu and selecting an alternative day or week. 

However, you can terminate the subscription by entering your account information into the website and navigating to the settings page. Select Deactivate your plan, and then tap Cancel despite this. 

After entering the reason for the cancellation, select the Deactivate button.  Your subscription will be effectively canceled.

How to Cancel Chef’s Plate After Calling?

To terminate your subscription with Chefs Plate, please dial 1 (855) 420-2327 and speak with one of their customer service representatives. 

Inform the customer service representative of your intention to terminate the subscription.

How Can Chef’s Plate Be Cancelled Through Email?

You may also communicate with the customer service representatives via email at [email protected] concerning the cancellation of your subscription, should you prefer to use something other than the phone.

How Can Chef Plate Be Cancelled Via Live Chat?

With the assistance of Live Chat, you can terminate your subscription within minutes. Sign in to the Chefs Plate website; a Live Chat option will appear in the lower-right corner.

It may be necessary to conduct an identity verification process through email. You will receive a confirmation regarding the irreversible deletion of your account following the verification procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Keep Track of When Your Chef Delivers Plates?

Yes, delivery orders can be monitored on the chef’s plate; however, this varies by region. A subset of the clientele receives a notification containing the monitoring data. 

Can Chefs Plate Refund Us?

Refunds in full, including shipping costs, are available upon request if a defective item is received.

After verifying account deletion and verification of refund eligibility, you will receive a full refund within 30 days of canceling your subscription.

Can We Cancel the Chefs Plate Subscription Via Email?

Yes, canceling the Chef’s Plate through their email is straightforward. They can be contacted at [email protected].


The variety of recipes and fresh farm ingredients that Chefs Plate is renowned for. It has provided a convenient and effortless means of preparing meals at home. Ongoing endeavors are being made to improve. Chefs Plate eagerly awaits your return with pleasure. 

The article above provides a comprehensive explanation and step-by-step guide for canceling a Chefs Plate subscription. Recovering data or stored information will not be feasible due to the permanent nature of the account deletion.

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