How Can I Cancel a DSW Shoe Order? DSW Shoe Return Policy!

How Can I Cancel a DSW Shoe Order? DSW Shoe Return Policy!

You were impressed by the incredible DSW Shoes collection, as evidenced by the fact that you cannot resist purchasing them. It, however, results in wasteful spending and unnecessary purchases. 

How Can I Cancel a DSW Shoe Order? Therefore, if you have come to this realization, we must inform you that if the DSW Shoe order is unnecessary, you may rescind it using the methods described in this article. 

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DSW is an e-commerce platform specializing in footwear collections that cater to the individual style and fashion preferences of both men and women. These footwear items are available on the DSW website. 

You have three ways to cancel your DSW order- 

  • Call
  • Live Chat
  • Email

Each of these stages is elaborated upon in the following section. You can better understand these cancellation steps by reading the article.

How Do I Cancel a DSW Shoe Order Via Phone?

If you wish to rescind an order before its delivery, telephone is the most efficient and effective course of action. DSW fortunately provides its clients with a phone number service in the event of an emergency. 

Therefore, to cancel your DSW order, contact 1.866.379.7463 to reach a DSW customer service representative; you will be connected to a team member within a few minutes. 

Request cancellation of your order by furnishing the appropriate order information. You will be promptly notified of the cancellation if your order is eligible for cancellation. 

DSW Customer Service Hours

Monday-Friday 7 am to 10 pm

Saturday 10 am to 10 pm

Sunday 12 pm to 9 pm.

How Do I Cancel A DSW Order Through Live Chat?

Additionally, you can initiate a conversation with a member of the DSW staff via Live Chat to request that they rescind your order. You may utilize this approach if you need help to reach a member of their team via telephone. 

To accomplish this, navigate to the DSW customer service page and select “Live Chat” under “Contact Us” on the right. A compact Live Chat interface will be rendered in the lower left corner. 

Enter your name to initiate the conversation, which continues until the agent cancels your order. 

How Do I Cancel a DSW Order Through Email?

Cancelling an order is finalized by emailing a cancellation notice to the team. You have written an email in which you explicitly state your intention to rescind the order. 

It is imperative to include your contact information and order details in the email. Finally, dispatch the email to c[email protected] and await a response confirming receipt. 

If their team does not respond to your email, please contact them directly at the operational customer service phone number. 

Why Would a DSW Order Be Cancelled?

You may be curious why you wish to rescind a DSW order. Buying shoes online can be challenging sometimes; therefore, you should test the shoes before canceling.

There are, however, a few situations in which you will know you need to return the shoes. Canceling an order may be more convenient in the areas listed below.

Incorrect Shoe Size

Opting for an incorrect measurement is a fundamentally uncomplicated reason to cancel an order. You may have inadvertently selected a size other than your typical one.

Alternatively, you may have purchased from a brand that typically operates on the smaller side. After selecting your customary measurement, you realized that you ought to have sized up.

Incorrect Style

Although you may have purchased the accurate size, you may have chosen a design or color unfavorably. Like the measurement concern, selecting the incorrect color can be a simple error.

You may overlook changing it if your preferred color differs from the default. You could then expedite the checkout procedure. Only once you have reviewed your confirmation do you recognize you desired a different color or style.

Confused Address

Additionally, if you have recently relocated, you inadvertently placed the shoe order at your previous address. Since access to the location has been revoked, canceling is more convenient than returning.

You can prevent the shoes from falling into the hands of the new lessees or proprietors in this manner. Other than that, returns are straightforward; however, if you use an inaccessible address, you must act swiftly.

A Gift Mismatch

You could order a pair of shoes because you know that a friend is celebrating their birthday with them. You may rescind your order if you discover that the shoes were purchased for the recipient by another friend.

Alternatively, the birthday gentleman or girl might have purchased the shoes. By canceling your order rather than delaying the return of the shoes, you can prevent inadvertent double-gifting.

DSW Shoe Return Policy! 

In addition to the right to rescind, DSW orders may be returned within ninety days of purchase. Ensure that the product you intend to return is undamaged, unused, and free from grime before commencing the return procedure. 

Three methods exist for returning an order. Examine the following table for DSW Return Policy implementations. 

DSW VIP Status Non-members DSW VIP Club DSW VIP Gold DSW VIP Elite
Return By Mail 90 days 90 days 90 days 365 days
Online Returns $8.50 shipping fee $8.50 shipping fee Free Free
In-Store Returns Free Free Free Free

In-Store Returns

This allows you to return the product to any DSW location in your area within ninety days of its delivery. The store will promptly issue a refund for your order upon its return, which is entirely free. 

Returns Online

To commence the online return process, input your order number and email address. Non-members and DSW VIP members must pay an additional $8.50 shipping fee for online returns. 

Return Via Mail

You may mail back the product for ninety days. Produce a return label and utilize their designated mailing address to return the item to their team via postal service. Refunds for returned orders are processed within seven to ten days.

DSW Mailing Address

DSW Customer Service

810 DSW Drive

Columbus, Ohio, 43219

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible to Get a DSW Refund?

Indeed, a refund will be issued upon the order in question being returned and processed successfully. Typically, refunds are issued within seven to ten business days; however, an immediate refund will be issued in the case of in-store returns. 

How Can My DSW Account Be Cancelled?

DSW VIP Account holders should contact customer service at 1.866.379.7463 to request cancellation of their accounts. 

Can I Return A DSW Item?

DSW does offer free exchanges of merchandise sent via mail. 

How Can DSW Customer Service Be Contacted?

You may contact the DSW Customer Service department in one of three ways: by phone at 1.866.379.7463 or by email at [email protected]. Getting a team member via Live Chat is possible through their customer service page.


We hope you will find our explanation of the  cancel a DSW shoe order and refund policy helpful. Each of the solutions is effective and simple to implement. So that you won’t have any problems when canceling your subscription.

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