How Do I Cancel A Telkom Subscription?

How Do I Cancel A Telkom Subscription?

Suppose you are experiencing internet connectivity issues while using Telkom broadband services. In that case, you should terminate your subscription and consider an alternative provider superior to Telkom. 

Telkom is a well-known South African telecommunications company that offers wireline and wireless services to its customers. It provides voice calls, home Internet, and fiber services. Additionally, one may purchase mobile phones that incur communication fees. 

How Do I Cancel A Telkom Subscription? To cancel your Telkom subscription, please get in touch with customer service at 081180. Should your problem remain unresolved after attempting this approach? Consider the two additional productive methods that will be elaborated upon in this article. 

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Ensure you continue reading this article until you discover the correct procedure for canceling your Telkom service. 

Can You Cancel Your Telkom Subscription?

It is possible to terminate your Telkom subscription. There are numerous justifications for terminating your Telkom contract. 

Possibly the subscription plan is too expensive for you, or you desire a different communication service provider. Not to Worry! Telkom offers several standard procedures for terminating a subscription. 

If you are curious about them, accompany us as you read this article. 

How Do I Cancel My Telkom Mobile/Fixed Line Subscription?

There are numerous methods available to you to terminate your subscription with Telkom. However, the procedures for canceling a subscription vary from individual to individual. 

  • Your Telkom cancellation is entirely contingent on the “Reason for contract cancellation.” You did indeed hear this correctly. 
  • By attentively reading these steps, one can enhance one’s comprehension of the cancellation. 
  • Navigate to the Telkom User Manual
  • Choose the “Browse All Journeys” option.
  • Locate and select “Cancel your Service” by scrolling down. 
  • Choose “Continue with Telkom Service Cancellation” to cancel the connection.
  • Click “Mobile” in the “Select the appropriate service type” field. Additionally, the “Fixed Line” option is available. 
  • Select “Reason for canceling your mobile service” that is valid. 
  • It is crucial to emphasize that the reason you choose is a critical component, as the cancellation methods you employ will be contingent upon the reason you specify. Therefore, select wisely.
  • After selecting a reason, you will have two or three options for canceling your service. 
  • Initiating service cancellation via telephone involves dialing a specific number (081180). Please be aware that dialing numbers may differ based on the “Cancel Reason” option you select. 
  •  Cancelling the subscription through the Telkom Online Account is the second option. 
  • Supporting their Live Agent is the third option. 
  •  Selecting “Cancel the Account due to Account Holder Passing/Bereavement” will result in an email containing the cancellation link for the service ([email protected]). 

 You may proceed with the specified calling option if it functions adequately. However, if you still need to, you may cancel your Telkom subscription using the instructions below. 

How Do I Cancel My Telkom Subscription Online?

To cancel a Telkom Online subscription, proceed as follows: 

Navigate to the Telkom site.

Enter credentials to access your Telkom account.

Proceed to the Products subsection.

Next, select the Manage option.

Click the Cancellations link.

After the provided instructions, terminate the subscription. 

How Do I Terminate My Telkom Subscription Through Live Chat?

Alternatively, you may request cancellation of your subscription through their Live Chat function. 

To access their Live Chat feature, visit the Telkom website, select “Chat To Us Online” at the bottom of the page, and initiate a conversation with a member of their customer service team regarding the cancellation of your subscription. 


Thoroughly and methodically read the steps outlined in the article to understand How Do I Cancel A Telkom Subscription entirely. 

To communicate with the Telkom Customer Service Team regarding various categories, please visit the Telkom Help Page or utilize their Live Chat feature.

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